Monday, November 28, 2022
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Could oxalate overload be causing your symptoms? With Sally K Norton

Sally K Norton is a Cornell University-educated nutritionist, dietary consultant, and lifestyle coach. She works with people struggling with unexplained joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, fatigue, and brain function problems. She has unique expertise in the link between dietary oxalates and mysterious health problems. Although she focuses on support for low-oxalate eating to resolve pain and related problems, I also work with clients who have a variety of other nutritional challenges and health concerns.

Time Stamps:
0:03:15 Podcast begins
0:03:45 What happened with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus?
0:11:35 What is oxalate poisoning and what are the symptoms?
0:26:45 “Pro-oxidant” is the proper terminolog we should use for high oxolate foods
0:32:45 Which foods are highest in oxalates?
0:44:15 Total, Soluble and Insoluble Oxalate Contents of Ripe Green and Golden Kiwifruit:
0:44:35 Peanut-induced acute oxalate nephropathy with acute kidney injury:
0:45:25 Oxalate, inflammasome, and progression of kidney disease:,_inflammasome,_and_progression_of_kidney.15.aspx
0:46:15 Effect of cinnamon and turmeric on urinary oxalate excretion, plasma lipids, and plasma glucose in healthy subjects:
0:48:35 Transient Hyperoxaluria after Ingestion of Chocolate as a High Risk Factor for Calcium Oxalate Calculi:
0:52:45 Hypothyroidism in primary hyperoxaluria type 1:
0:54:30 Oxalate in the human thyroid gland:
0:56:15 Why do plants have oxalates?
1:00:45 Do any animal foods have oxalates?
1:02:15 Breaking down oxalate synthesis
1:13:00 The protective benefits of calcium in the diet and why aged cheeses are easiest to digest
1:17:30 Oxalate dumping.. how do we do it?
1:25:15 Hyperoxaluria leads to dysbiosis and drives selective enrichment of oxalate metabolizing bacterial species in recurrent kidney stone endures:
1:32:15 Closing thoughts with Sally Norton

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30 thoughts on “Could oxalate overload be causing your symptoms? With Sally K Norton
  1. I had chronic bladder infections for decades. I went to 3 different urologists in 3 different cities. Not one asked me about my diet. I happened upon an article about oxalates and looked up the oxalate content of my daily foods. It was through the roof! I've been on a low-ox diet for over 3 years now, and haven't had one infection.

  2. My last oxalate kidney stone ..did Not hurtโ€ฆ so it built up in my ureter so bad that I needed two 2 hour laser surgeries โ€ฆand they still left some lodged in the walls !๐Ÿ˜ฑ was discovered by accident ..if u ever ate tons of oxalateโ€ฆu might want to get an ultrasound !

  3. A friend of the family is an Allergist MD. I asked him if any of his patients are allergic to meat or fowl and he said no, that is almost unheard of. I asked then what are they allergic to and he said, they are allergic to wonderful wholesome plant based goodies like tree pollen, ragweed, mold form leaves, poison ivy, peanuts, citrus fruits, strawberries, high oxalate greens, soy products, wheat gluten, nightshade vegetables, natural bee stings and the list goes on.

  4. I eat a lot of berries in the summer as a post workout carb boost. I don't think the oxalates are a big deal if you're not chewing the hell out of them or putting them in a juicer. The little seeds are meant to pass through us undigested.

  5. Always glad to hear from Sally Norton. It is difficult to sort through dogmas on the subject of an optimal diet. The polarization on this subject is a frustrating obstacle to personal wellness.

  6. I have skin problem for more than two years and had more than 10 visits of dermatologist, they treated my symptoms as allergy and my skin conditions getting worse, since I have listened Sally Norton's presentation and I have learned oxalate food and find out my skin creating lot of crystals, so I am switching to low oxalate diet and my symptoms getting better.
    Thank you Sally and Dr. Saladino!

  7. Iโ€™m really starting to get confused. I want to do animal-based diet. So besides meat and organs, what else can I eat? I was eating ribeye with squash or blueberries.

  8. Dr. Paul, have there been any studies to assess whether high seed oil exposure/intake cause any impairment of the body's natural defenses against oxalates? In other words, the same sort of question as the people who say that it's just too many carbs that lead to insulin resistance – is it just that we have added too many foods (year round now) that lead to excessive concentrations (and smoothies, etc), or is there another side to it where the body's way of dealing with oxalates is getting impaired? A similar question would be: are there any populations that eat a lot of oxalates but don't suffer from it?

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