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Do You Have a Broken Metabolism? | Brandon DaCruz | Metabolic Flexibility

Join Rachel Gregory, host of the MetFlex and Chill podcast 🎙as she guides you through your #MetabolicFlexibility #Fitness and #Keto journey. How to fix a broken metabolism.
Brandon DaCruz is an online nutrition and physique coach, sports nutritionist as well as the National sales manager of an internationally carried supplement brand. He’s also a National Level NPC physique competitor and an internationally published fitness model who’s written articles and filmed educational content for publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine and

Brandon has spent the past 12 years working within the sports nutrition and fitness industries and has coached every type of client including Olympia Level professional men’s physique competitors, college athletes, MMA fighters, CrossFit competitors, and lifestyle clients.

He believes in blending what’s been proven in the research with his own anecdotal and first hand “in the trenches” experience to improve body composition, optimize performance and enhance health in order to help his clients achieve their goals whether that be building muscle, losing body fat, increasing performance and/or optimizing health and longevity.

Listeners can find Brandon DaCruz at his website, and on Instagram @brandondacruz_

This channel will teach you all about the Keto diet, Metabolic Flexibility, and help guide you on your fitness journey, no matter what stage you are currently in.

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Top Takeaways:
Four components of your metabolism explained
One key component to elicit any type of adaptation
3 main components affected by metabolic adaptation
How to manage metabolic adaptation to have more effective fat loss phases

Show Notes:
[0:00] Trailor introduction to the episode. Brandon discusses the importance of sleep in recovery
[1:00] Rachel gives a brief bio about guest Brandon DaCruz to the listeners
[2:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel welcomes repeat guest Brandon DaCruz to the listeners
[2:30] Episode 129: Metabolic Flexibility: A Lifestyle Approach with Brandon DaCruz, Episode 112: Energy Flux: The Missing Piece To Your Fitness Journey with Brandon DaCruz
[3:00] Brandon gives a brief bio of his journey within the health, nutrition, and supplement space
[5:00] “We all hit plateaus, and no process, especially the process of fat loss, is a linear one.” Brandon DaCruz
[5:30] Question: What is metabolism? Can you break it down in layman’s terms for everyone?
[6:00] What is metabolism?
[8:00] Question: What are the components of your metabolism?
[12:30] “When it comes to ‘what factors of our metabolism are within our control in terms of increasing energy expenditure,’ NEAT is going to be the golden ticket.” Brandon DaCruz
[18:00] Question: What is metabolic adaptation?
[23:30] Question: What are the 3 main components affected by metabolic adaptation?
[26:30] Nonexercise activity thermogenesis – liberating the life-force
[43:30] Third component of metabolic adaptation: mitochondrial changes
[45:00] Question: What are some practical tips that you would recommend to your clients for managing some of these adaptations that are inevitably going to occur?
[45:30] “We have to realize that metabolic adaptations are part of the process, and we can’t completely avoid them, this is a natural response. However, we can minimize some of the factors that are downregulated, to make the process of dieting easier, more efficient, and successful.”
[1:02:30] To check out more from Brandon DaCruz you can find him on IG @brandondacruz_ and for fitness inquiries at [email protected]


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