Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Using the COLD to heal your mitochondria – lose weight & gain energy, dehydration & EZ Water!

Carrie Bennett is a clinical nutritionist, an expert in quantum physics & one of the world’s leading experts on EZ water! We talk about how to handle the winter and use COLD to your advantage, how to heal your mitochondria to lose weight & gain energy and so much more!

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0:00 Introduction
5:22 Carrie intro and journey as a clinical clinical nutritionist
8:51- What would it be like to be Carrie’s client- focus on light environment connection with nature, water
9:49- What is EZ water?
7:35 – How to maximize water/water inclusion zone (4th phase of water)/negative vs positive charge
12:06 Nature deficiency syndrome- barefoot walking, watch the sunrise/charge your batteries
14:58 How to exercise
19:29 Why sunrises should be your top priority
24:21 Why diet will only get you so far- you have to get your light environment right
25:31- The importance of eating outside- let the sun work for you
27:31 How cell phone radiation dehydrates us & shrinks EZ water
29:16 The problem with WiFi
34:16-5G towers & ringing in the ears
36:31 How kids and animals are more intuitive with circadian biology
37:42How to heal using circadian biology in the winter
43:51 How does the cold help us?
45:41 What to do during bad weather
46:31 Grounding mats
50:11 How sauna can help us heal
50:51 Importance of infrared/red light
51:31 Mitochondria and red light
54:31 Why food matters but not as much as your light environment/no calorie counting
58:31 The importance of keeping an open mind
59:31 All about collagen- damaged communication=chaos
1:05:31 How to take care of your collagen
1:11:31 Should we take supplements?
1:12:31 Carrie’s thoughts on deuterium depleted water


Like so many, Carrie has had a unique health journey. As a college athlete, supposedly at the pinnacle of health and fitness, she suffered joint pain, chronic ligament issues, and insomnia. After her first child was born she developed horrific stomach pain, extreme low energy, brain fog and digestive issues.

Armed with an undergraduate degree in Biology, a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and certifications as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and performance breathing coach, Carrie has made it her mission to discover foundational strategies for health and healing.

The past 5 years has taken her deep into the realm of quantum biology and how sunlight, water, and quantum fields are at the core of health optimization.

In private clinical practice, she helps clients apply key strategies involving morning sunlight, circadian rhythm, grounding, mitochondrial support, cold therapy, quantum hydration, sleep and intermittent fasting.

Through the compounded effects of these habits, clients feel powerful healing and lasting health benefits.



This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional!
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20 thoughts on “Using the COLD to heal your mitochondria – lose weight & gain energy, dehydration & EZ Water!
    This episode is sponsored by Optimal Carnivore “CarnivoreY” to receive 10% off all products-

    This episode is sponsored by Upgraded Formulas – Get your HTMA with Upgraded Formulas – use my code YOGI12 for a discount!  –

  2. Just stepped out of a cold daily shower and also walking barefoot most days on the old natural stone harbour by the sea. Thanks Sarah, you’re a great inspiration! 🙏❤️🌷

  3. Question? Do you define sunrise as the time of day ? Does “sunrise” in this discussion require sunlight? I ask this from Oregon on cloudy, rainy day. Thanks for your guests and your great information!

  4. Great video! I am curious about the serrapeptase enzyme that you discussed.. is this something that I should look for in my digestive enzyme? Or should I supplement separately? Thanks so much to you both!!

  5. We all need to take responsibility for our OWN health and this is the avenue to take. Thank you for making this available to everyone. Now we just need to get our 'skin-in-the-game'.

  6. a natural fiber sock isn't enough for grounding shoes. Pure cotton socks don't work. I have copper infused socks and they work perfectly as shown by my continuity tester. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any positive effects from grounding and now I'm cursed with this knowledge and feel I should do it regardless. Ignorance is bliss…

  7. I think I know the answer based on her mentor, but was hoping you would’ve gotten her thoughts on vitamin D supplementation. Both orally and artificial light therapy. Particularly considering where she lives

  8. what brand of Serrapetase enzymes does Carrie use? I use the ones you use Sarah, but ours doesn't have Serrapetase enzymes unfortunately. Thank you in advance for your response!!

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