Thursday, December 8, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Why marine diversity matters. Presentation by George & Margo Branch

South Africa has the most extraordinary marine diversity, and George and Margo will blow your minds with the implications of this. Their talk will be in six parts:

– Human applications of marine biodiversity (be prepared to be surprised)
– Why does South Africa enjoy such high marine diversity? And how well are we doing in conserving it?
– Are any species ‘redundant’ or replaceable?
– The influence of the marine world on human origins
– The deep-time origins of life’s diversity
– A sit-back-and-relax ending to appreciate the wonders and beauty of marine life.

George and Margo Branch wrote the award-winning book ‘Living Shores of southern Africa’ and ‘Two Oceans – a Field Guide to the Marine Life of Southern Africa’. Margo has also authored many books, including ‘Exploring Fynbos’, ‘First Field Guide to Mushrooms’ and ‘Exploring the Seashore’. They have published over 260 scientific papers on marine biology, and their lifetime contributions to marine science have been recognized through numerous awards and honours. They share a passionate interest in the biology and management of sea life, and a natural flair for communicating these passions. At heart, though, Margo and George are best described as ‘beach bums par excellence’.


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