Friday, May 27, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

EP 174 – Advanced Nutrition for Chronic Infections with Dr. Jay Davidson

When life deals us a bad card, our innate survival instinct is what allows us to thrive and stop at nothing until the table is turned. In this episode, Dr. Jay Davidson joins Dr. Jockers to share about his “specialty” and his personal journey of dealing with the worst card life has thrown his way. Along with his victory came the prize of realizing what could be the major discovery of all time – that the answer to the lifelong battle with chronic infections lies within our bodies. It’s only a matter of going back to old ways and practices that have been working for the good of mankind for a long time that was somehow forgotten.

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2 thoughts on “EP 174 – Advanced Nutrition for Chronic Infections with Dr. Jay Davidson
  1. I would like to know more about diet for Lyme disease because I have had all these things. Bacteria, parasites, Epstein Barr at same time. All started with a tick bite 15 months ago. Not treated until this year. They tested for Lyme but my dr thinks it has been Lyme. I also have elevated liver enzymes.

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