Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Michigan Biostatistics Alumni Spotlight: Michelle McNulty, MS

The Department of Biostatistics is excited to announce our Alumni Spotlight series. We are very honored and excited to have these opportunities to welcome our alumni home, hear their stories, experiences, research, work, and journeys, and exchange ideas, news, and information.

“I graduated from UM SPH in 2018. While there, I was funded by the Genome Science Training Program and worked in Sebastian Zoellner’s lab. After graduating with my Master’s degree, I started working with Dr. Matt Sampson in the Pediatric Nephrology Division at UM Medicine. When Matt was recruited to bring his research program to Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, I jumped at the opportunity to join him and help lead the lab’s creation and efforts in Boston. For the past three years, my work has focused on APOL1-associated nephrotic syndrome, GWAS of trans-ethnic nephrotic syndrome cohorts, and using transcriptomics to map variant to function. I’m a proud UM alumni and look forward to representing recent Master’s graduates in the alumni series.”

The talk is titled: Using transcriptomics to better understand the role of APOL1 in kidney disease.


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