Monday, May 23, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

2021 TANGO2 Research Symposium (in English)

3:54 Dr. Seema Lalani – Presentation of TANGO2 disease-Learning from families
34:00 Dr. Felix Distelmaier – Putting TANGO2-deficiency into the right metabolic context
1:08:27 Dr. Pascale deLonlay & Dr. Hortense Calbiac – Study of patients, and animal model : zebrafish to improve our knowledge of TANGO2 disease
1:44:24 Dr. Michael Sacher – Giving wings to TANGO2 Research
2:18:30 Dr. Sam Mackenzie – Gene replacement therapy for TANGO2 disease: What, why, and how we get there
2:45:19 Dr. Lina Gonzalez – Mitochondrial Dysfunction Associated with TANGO2 Deficiency
3:17:00 Dr. Christina Miyake – An Update on the Natural History Study of TANGO2: What have we learned and where should we go from here?

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About the TANGO2 Research Foundation:
Our mission is to lead the way in finding a cure for TANGO2 related disease. We will do this by helping to fund, coordinate and guide scientific research that leads to a better understanding of how TANGO2 mutations affect people at the most basic cellular and biochemical pathway levels.

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