Saturday, August 13, 2022

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20 thoughts on “FRANK26……11-19-21……THE THREE
  1. And y'all "Christians" gave ole Donnie Boy a pass after being a serial womanizer, adulterer, upside-down bible holding, disgusting liar who incited a freaking insurrection and is responsible for soooooo much more hate in this country…. sure he's great, just because he waved a flag and used the word patriot….. y'all brainwashed

  2. Frank your looking well. Thank you for taking time out to do this video while your in recovery..amazing your doing videos. I am saved Frank! I spoke to Pastor Kendal ..yes Iam saved now. If I hadn't come to your youbeetubee I don't know when or if I would have gotten saved. Pastor Kendal said read the gospels and that's what iam doing. God bless you and your wife. Much love to both of you.

  3. I'm wondering something.. the people who had a gender they realize when they stand before God they will stand before as the gender God made them to be not the gender they want to be. I wonder how that day is going to turn out for them :0I

  4. Yes Frank they did m ur d e r your cousin. With this drug called remdesivir or midazolam. They would have got over the c-19 without going to the hospital. They will suffer but got over it. My condolences

  5. When people ask me are you vaccinated my only response is" yes, i was vaccinated by God." I put my faith in God not man. I do not need no man made vaccine.

  6. Frank I’m just asking you for your gut feeling. Do you think that this is ever going to revalue and that we’re ever going to be able to trade these currencies for a profit turns out I found out my dad who died in 1990 was told every two weeks it’s going to happen and he spent his life pretty much telling us kids every two weeks he was going to get money and I never did quite understand how he was going to get it come to find out when he died he had some dinar my God. Then someone that was a guest on Markz a guy called Mr. C said it’s been going 100 years and he had documents to prove it. Then I heard Mark Z think it was only going for 20 years that is so wrong it’s been going all my life and now here I am 65 and we’re still waiting educating ourselves for what I’m just wondering what do you think do you honestly think it’s gonna happen in our lifetime I’m just discouraged I guess but I’m finding out and putting some of these pieces together and I really am concerned and just don’t know what you think think.

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