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Mitochondrial Health

Cell Organelles : Mitochondria – The Fundamental Unit of Life | Class 9 Biology I Ep-17

Cell Organelles : Mitochondria – The Fundamental Unit of Life | Class 9 Biology I Ep-17 I Er Gopal Rana I Gopal Rana I Rana Coaching Centre

✅ In this Video:
✔️ Class: 9th (Science – Biology)
✔️ Chapter: 5 – (Fundamental unit of life cell)
✔️ Lecture: 17
✔️ Topics Name: Mitochondria Cell organelles Introduction

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Singular mitochondrion.
Each mitochondrion is covered by two membranes.
Outer membrane is porous.
Inner membrane is deeply folded. Folds are called cristae.
They have their own DNA and Ribosomes.
Synthesize their own protein.
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