Monday, May 23, 2022
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Finding aging therapeutics in the right context (Martin Borch Jensen)

In this video I had great fun speaking with Martin Borch Jensen, Chief Scientific Officer at Gordian Biotechnology, a company that have created the first in vivo therapeutic screen to improve drug design for complex diseases of aging. Previously he was a Post-Doc at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging working on the mitochondrial unfolded protein response. In this discussion we chat further about how this screen works and what the company hope to achieve in terms of therapeutics as well as Martin’s recent project ‘Longevity Impetus Grants’ and also his general interests in the field.

Introduction – 00:00
Ideas and previous work on aging – 01:30
How to study aging – 10:15
Gordian Biotechnology & gene therapies – 13:00
Aging Therapeutics – 45:00
Longevity Impetus Grants – 49:00
Longevity areas of interest – 1:04:00
Advice – 1:08:00

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10 thoughts on “Finding aging therapeutics in the right context (Martin Borch Jensen)
  1. This is maybe a bad idea, but if we need to speed the progress as much as possible we may consider some more aggressive strategies. Instead of figuring out every little detail one by one, we may just throw bunch of stuff on the wall and see what sticks.

    There have been some studies in mice I have seen that were doing combination therapies where they combined different interventions in different groups to see which combination improved the health and lifespan outcome the most. Maybe we can try do more of that. Even if we don't learn much about mechanism of interaction or any other detail about how aging works we may find out what we should focus on or what to try next and get faster to the roots of matters that have the biggest impact.

    The system is so complicated and interdependent that is probably even necessary to modify different variables at the same time otherwise the system balances out to minimize the imbalance, so we may never really see a big effect from a single type of intervention used.

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