Monday, May 23, 2022
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Younging – Triggering Ancient Mechanisms for Rejuvenation

Recent times have seen an explosion in the number of scientific studies documenting evidence about biological processes related to aging and rejuvenation. Many different theories attempt to explain that evidence. One complication, however, is that several new intervention techniques have emerged that appear to provide longevity benefit, sometimes profound, that aren’t explained by any of these existing theories.

Independent longevity researchers Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss believe that the number and content of scientific-study puzzle pieces have approached a critical threshold. It is now possible, they claim, to assemble a good explanation, in which natural body rejuvenation processes play a vital role. This comprehensive new explanation integrates existing theories and also highlights an age-reversal process they have identified and named ‘Younging’.

Vince and Steve believe that this emerging explanation constitutes a paradigm shift for the longevity science movement. Already-proven rejuvenation explanations and interventions can ONLY be properly understood to fit together via understanding recent evidence of ancient, evolutionarily-conserved mechanisms.

During this London Futurist webinar, held on 20th November 2021, Vince and Steve summarized this ‘Younging 1.0’ explanation and answered audience questions.

The event was introduced and moderated by David Wood, Chair of London Futurists.

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  1. Geat presentation! Thank you for hosting this David. I didn't make the live event, and was wondering if the Q+A afterward will also be published? Thank you again.

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