Saturday, August 13, 2022

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20 thoughts on “5 BIOHACKING Secrets To Live Longer & AGE BACKWARDS | Dave Asprey
  1. You had me until Ben & Jerry's. Have you read the labels? Maybe in Canada you don't have Strauss Farms ice cream. It's not easy to find all over the United States, either, but if you read the labels, there's nothing crappy in it-and I mean nothing. Ben & Jerry's? Come on!

  2. Sorry I am paying attention, but is Dave a Mad Scientist? Crocodile skull? What kind of work space is behind him??? Is he controlling the weather or causing massive black outs?

  3. We would love to speak with you in regards to the most nutrient-dense food on earth. Our spirulina is pure unlike the stuff others sell which is grown in dirty areas in china. We use patented devices that are isolated from Environmental pollutants. Seed oils are horrible and our spirulina has all the omegas and it's the highest in GLA which is only found in mothers' breast milk! Please visit our website and watch the short documentary to learn why NASA is using this food on space missions. How could we do schedule a podcast with you to explain the benefits? Thank you! P.s. SPirulina has all the essential fats and all the amino acids.

  4. I have been vegan for seven years and I feel great. I'm getting ready to turn 53 in February. I can work out 90 minutes to 3 hours at the gym no problem. I take private Muay Thai lessons for an hour then go to the gym for another hour to lift weights after with no problem.
    I work out 4 to 6 times a week.

  5. Human diet..fruits, berry's, melons and herbs.. clean your body out before starting exclusively on this diet.. you will go threw detoxing or a "healing crisis " but this will make you go into a regenerate state.

  6. I'm vegan and the unhealthiest vegan diet is the raw vegan. Eat like a vegan bodybuilder or athlete. It's very rare that you see them become deficient in anything. They eat a balanced diet full of plant based wholefoods.

  7. I think this guy is doing a sales routine. Veganism is great. He tried to invalidate all the evidence sited in the vegan supporting movies in one sentence. That doesn't cancel the science these movies cited. I don't have a good guy feeling about this dude. I don't trust his opinions. He's just trying to promote sales. Coffee is used as a pesticide. Come on!

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