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Mitochondrial Health

AQA Biology A-level – Specimen Paper 2 | PMT Education

These are model solutions for AQA Biology A-level Paper 2, specimen series.

You can download a PDF copy of the solutions, the question paper, and the mark scheme for this and all other AQA Biology A-level Paper 2 papers here:
You can also find other video solutions on this page.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Question 1 – Respiration
0:06:33 Question 2 – Skeletal Muscles
0:10:47 Question 3 – Inheritance
0:16:38 Question 4 – Stimuli and Nervous Coordination
0:19:57 Question 5 – Recombinant DNA Technology
0:23:04 Question 6 – Populations
0:29:38 Question 7 – Osmoregulation
0:36:21 Question 8 – Photosynthesis
0:42:19 Question 9 – Gene Expression
0:47:16 Question 10 – Respiration, Skeletal Muscles and Inheritance

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