Monday, May 23, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

How Sirtuins Increase Fat Loss and Reverse Aging (Applicable Tips)

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Longevity and Weight Loss at the Same Time – Sirtuins & Aging Genes

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
0:53 – What are Sirtuins?
4:35 – Effect of Sirtuins on the Metabolism
10:25 – Recap


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38 thoughts on “How Sirtuins Increase Fat Loss and Reverse Aging (Applicable Tips)
  1. Very interesting presentation with potential for exciting developments to come. I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 9 months now. I have been throwing in 24 hour fasts too from time to time. The amazing thing is that I can do it so easily without ravenous hunger.

  2. It would be very interesting and helpful if you made a video at Walmart and the hot sauces. Which ones you recommended and avoid. If they keto and if a drop of them kicks you out of fasting (I sometimes really hungry and might put a bit in a spoon and eat to trick my brain). The ones most common are Frank’s red hot, Louisiana, Tabasco, sriracha, Buffalo, specially Mexican ones like Valentina, salsa Buffalo, cholula, San Luis. And powdered like tajin. Thanks

  3. Today I was able to get off of losartan after learning what food, hormones, and biochemistry really mean. As a chemical engineer, I finally learned how to think and live healthy. Thank you Thomas, Berg, Ekberg, Fung, Sebi, JERF dude….

  4. Don't go TDY while PTSD or ADHD are in effect because your CO will ask if inventory is LIFO or FIFO when you return. If you didn't KISS you will have to say NOYB OFC which will leave him PO and cause him to declare you AWOL and make a SCOTUS case of it. See, I can string a bunch of acronyms together too.

  5. Well….you are certainly gonna age well! lol…That's Cool….wish i was..but..notsomuch.
    Healthwise i am reversing a lot of things lately, thanks to You & a few other caring health specialists her e on the…maybe the telemeres will regen too one of these days…

  6. Might be a good idea to join a SIRT Team for its health advantages. I hope to learn if protein takes away from the bennies.
    I think it would be interesting if the mice were of 2 or 3 ages groups and then compare to see if the older mice derive the same benefits…more or less.
    For us humans….it seems to tie all together- Very interesting and another reason to have a healthy BMI.

  7. This was very fascinating, I appreciate the super deep dive you take on these subjects. So it seems like NAD production dictates all of it, for the action of both PARPs and Sirtuins, which are the keys to the city.

  8. Hi I am on a keto diet and have lost around 32 kg but I am starting to miss my normal milk coffee, can I have a cup of normal milk coffee with out sugar once a day if I keep my carb intake in check, or will I be kicked out of ketosis


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  10. I've also noticed subtle changes in my elders eating habits. They are more hungry and have cravings for high carb or junkfood items plus they become gradually less active in their day to day life due to changes in work, use of car etc

  11. Noticed fasting is slow weight loss for me (metabolism bleh). No exercise except 3 mile walk in a week. Noticed if eat sirt foods not the program my weight goes down. My dinner one avocado combined with a splash of ACV (with the mother) then mixed herb powders garlic,curry,pepper, and chipotle. Then add my three ounces chicken. Then in morning weight check it seems lower. Hopefully others can try this dinner plan and give their input of next morning weight. I do stop eating before 7 pm and 9 or 10 am will eat sometimes or if you grab snack after 7 no carbs but nibble on protein

  12. I appreciate a lot of the info you share, but you do kinda explain a little too much. You get knee-deep into all of these isolated things, making it all so very complex. Taking all these high-dollar supplements, things plucked from their original form and reconfigured, as if "science" can really best nature (hint, it can't … see our sick and obese ppl, and dying world, mostly because white coats thought they knew best, and still do). Really, you really think that's the best way? I can tell you this with certainty. Many of our "miracle" concoctions and protocols might show us some immediate good results (see the "Biggest Loser" peeps), but in the long-term cause horrors we can't at this point anticipate/imagine. See the world (and, again, those "Biggest Loser" peeps … abusing one's body, "no pain, no gain," excessive anything, not a good thing). Good rule of thumb, trust your "gut" over science-y sh*t (requires cultivating that right-brain/feminine energy, "intuition"…and distinguishing it from fear, and its cohort, ego-driven, god-complex, left/masculine-brain energy). Or just remember, "KISS" and what Einstein said, something 'bout keeping it simple. Most especially, if what you're doing is aligned with Nature, you're more likely on the right path. It's the only reason I'm now doing the "intermittent fasting." It makes sense to not eat early in the day, most animals in the wild don't.

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