Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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MBPP EP. 630 – Protecting Your Heart & Tests You MUST Take ft. Dr. Michael Twyaman

Dr. Michael Twyman is a board certified cardiologist who focuses on the prevention and early detection of heart disease. Dr Twyman completed his cardiovascular training at St Louis University after he completed a 4 year active duty tour as an internist at Naval Hospital Beaufort. He has been in private practice since 2012. Heart Attack Prevention is his passion. He utilizes the best of conventional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, quantum medicine, and biohacking to get to the root cause of the patient’s cardiovascular issues.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Guest background and show preview
00:33 – Our favorite beef, 25% off!
01:16 – China implementing ap curfew
04:39 – It all comes back to parenting
06:21 – It’s hard to slow down technology
07:20 – ADHD TOK
10:25 – Dr. Tyman joins
10:43 – A Gene causes you to be more susceptible to heart disease?
12:35 – What causes Heart Attacks?
15:04 – Should we all give blood?
16:24 – Can you over consume iron?
17:34 – Environmental factors in heart disease
18:20 – Which macro is worse for heart disease?
20:16 – Man is as old as their arteries
24:28 – Home self tests for heart disease to do now
27:28 – Can you strengthen your heart?
29:00 – Hot and Cold Therapy for heart health?
32:33 – Top 3 to prevent heart attacks
35:50 – Red Light Therapy beneficial?
38:00 – Blue light blockers
40:20 – More sunlight = better use of calories
41:59 – Does Night Shift on our iPhones work?
43:19 – Where to get your blood work done
44:27 – How Dr. Twyman discovered circadian rhythm
45:57 – Will we ever have proof blue light blockers actually work?
47:52 – Pharmaceuticals are getting better, what’s coming next?
50:05 – Does Nasal Breathing help heart health?
51:46 – Why did Stantins get a bad reputation?
54:56 – Supplements for heart health
58:14 – Cardio baseline
59:58 – Does exercise help you live longer?
1:02:17 – Is too much muscle bad?
1:05:32 – Zone 2 Cardio
1:09:03 – Why are bodybuilders having heart attacks?
1:10:37 – Top 3 Tests to get done for heart health
1:13:00 – How Dr. Twyman eats and exercises
1:15:12 – Where people can find Dr. Twyman
1:16:30 – Dr. Twyman signs off and guest review
1:17:00 – Mark did a calcium score test
1:17:35 – What if bodybuilding implemented this type of testing?
1:20:44 – Would people enjoy bodybuilding if they weren’t as big?
1:23:13 – Bodybuilding will never be mainstream
1:25:03 – People think you HAVE to be on stuff to compete
1:28:45 – Before and after PEDs strength numbers for Mark
1:31:55 – Mark would have waited to take PEDs if more Natty lifters were around him
1:34:37 – Show wrap up
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11 thoughts on “MBPP EP. 630 – Protecting Your Heart & Tests You MUST Take ft. Dr. Michael Twyaman
  1. Ive been watching Leo and Longevity and for almost a year and he has been talking about lipo little a forever and its effects on plaque build up. He also has been a big believer in preventative meds like statins and ezetimibe. I think It is cool to see a board certified cardiologist basically agree and say a lot of the same things as youtube channels like Leo, Steve and MPMD. Love the channel guys keep up the great work!

  2. I'm sorry but China suck, not being racist, just objectively speaking i doubt any of you would enjoy being indoctrinated by the government. Restricting freedom is never the way, and the supposed "history" they teach is just the CCP propaganda to keep the populace in the leash.

  3. yeah much rather be a jacked 6’4 chad/tyrone with 10% body fat and like 180 pounds of lean muscle mass and be dead at like 40 than be a 5’8 sicilian man and/or a japanese man with like 18% body fat who eats lentils and/or seaweed and dies at like 110 years of age while riding a bicycle to the fish market. sadly i am currently a 5’8 caucasian man of italian descent who is probably going to die at 110 eating olive oil like lolz 😂

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