Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

62. Jodi Duval on optimising your health, epigenetics, immediate impacts of stress and hydration 💦

Today I an joined by Jodi Duval, the founder of and principal naturopath at Revital Health – she is also an international speaker, lecturer, CEO of HOMeHOPe Australia, and medical course creator who is passionate about spreading quality information and informing people all over the world about optimising your health.

We chat all things optimal health from biohacking, to base foundational work, to non negotiable habits everyone can be doing. Jodi shares how her love of chocolate lead her to her passion area, what epigenetics are, the importance of minerals and why you might not be getting enough from your tap water, in turn the importance of hydration and quality of your water.

She also dives into stress and the impacts it has on your body right now, as well as gives some tips on how to stay in parasympathetic (opposite of stress) when you need to. Along the way you’ll hear of some alternate plants and supplements that you might be keen to research more about!

If you want to connect with Jodi more you can find her on IG @revital_health or on her website or podcast.

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