Saturday, August 13, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Cure Your Fatigue w: Morley Robbins | Mitolife Radio Ep #151

The world’s leading mineral expert Morley Robbins returns to the show to announce the release of his new book, “Cure Your Fatigue”. Morley is the creator of the Root Cause Protocol and a master dot connector when it comes to mineral balance. He often says that there are 84 minerals but only 3 that really matter: copper, magnesium and iron.

In this interview he gives a brief summary of the book, the 3 things that mitochondria have to do, the connection of red and blue light to mitochondrial function, and the places of the brain with the highest concentration of copper.

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8 thoughts on “Cure Your Fatigue w: Morley Robbins | Mitolife Radio Ep #151
  1. I studied iron 30 yrs since med school, back then finding the iron research v contradictory (not aligning with the thinking that iron makes you strong, more iron is better). Interesting that Morley said folate is copper dependent. Makes me think about someone I know born with spina bifida (which is linked to folate deficiency), and that person was found late in life to have heterozygous hemochromatosis (high iron). I don't hear Morley talk much about hemochromatosis, maybe he is steering clear. But it aligns with what he is saying and just puts these people at the extreme end of what he is saying, and it is the most common genetic issue in celtic/ viking people, possibly 1/8 people. And many people even with heterozygous (half) HC are going into iron overload these days thanks to iron fortification since ww2 and all the things Morley says (eg low copper thanks to roundup). Yet HC is rarely diagnosed or treated (when the HC genetics were discovered in 1996, interestingly doctors also stopped doing the full iron panel). Disturbingly many of these HC people get fatigue early on and docs are often throwing iron at them. The highest HC rates are in Ireland, particularly west coast. On the esoteric side, there is discussion if any link to atlantis, tuatha de danan genetics etc, eg all the iron mythology in Ireland and the biophysical effect of being high in iron (eg antenna/ magnet) and low in copper. Iron chelation is being used as an effective adjunct treatment for covid (yes as iron feeds most infections). Dean Radin is doing some interesting research on cryptochrome which you and Morley might find interesting..

  2. Interesting (and shocking) Re lactoferrin, I came across someone who used lactoferrin (an iron chelator) to treat a v severe systemic infection that was killing them. I think they took at least 6 capsules per day for weeks at least, perhaps 2-3 months. They got better, and their doctor was so impressed he now uses lactoferrin instead of antibiotics to often treat infections, even put brochures in the waiting room on LF. Iron chelation is also being used as an effective adjunct treatment for covid, ie if you take the iron out (which feeds infections) makes it harder for covid to thrive… studies are online.

  3. Not to nitpick (just kidding, I'm nitpicking), re the statement about "120… Isn't that similar to our house? Isn't the current 120?"

    No. The voltage is supposed to be 120 VOLTS, (In the US), but varies with a variety of factors. It's 60 Hertz frequency, but that's a different thing.

    Current depends on load, and for standard household circuits, is usually limited to 15 or 20 amps for most wall circuits.

    Europe is generally 220 volts, 50 Hertz.

    If he's thinking resonant frequency, then the third multiple, then the fifth multiple would be most common, and then mainly as interference from semiconductors and bad circuit design.

  4. I have to question some of the statements. He's using statements and numbers that appear to be arbitrary and potentially made up:
    "… spinning at a modest 9000 rpm… so we're making 27,000 … … They're stacked on top of each other."

    He's conflating dimensions.

    Would you say that a gallon of gas is "stacked on top of each other"?

    It's sounding more and more like babble.

  5. Re: chlorine dioxide (and ozone). IIRC, a research paper that explained ascorbic acid pulled coppers from ceruloplasmin also stated that OXYGEN was used to reload the copper into ceruloplasmin. Could chlorine dioxide and ozone somehow be providing oxygen to the milieu in such a way that it drives copper back into ceruloplasmin? Significantly higher levels of ceruloplasmin-bound copper would explain their activity, no?

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