Saturday, August 13, 2022
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COVID and Lyme disease survey: Discussion with Drs. Daniel Cameron and Richard Horowitz

Dr. Cameron and Dr. Horowitz discuss the initial findings from a COVID-19 and Lyme disease survey examining the risks of COVID and/or the vaccine for Lyme disease patients.

Dr. Horowitz also shares his thoughts and insights on the Omicron Variant and how COVID and the variant may impact and overstimulate the immune system. He describes potential etiologies for post-COVID long hauler syndrome and offers several possible treatments to minimize the side effects.


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6 thoughts on “COVID and Lyme disease survey: Discussion with Drs. Daniel Cameron and Richard Horowitz
  1. Pages 16-17-18 present an interesting question with break through cases. As more data comes in it will be important to observe whether break through Covid causes worse symptoms versus reduction in symptoms if Covid vaccine without any subsequent Covid.

  2. Is it possible or has anybody been told by Dr. Horowitz whether to continue on the prophylactic protocol in entirely including if you are taking prophylactic IVM throughout the whole vaccine process. Anything to add or take away.. Dr. H did suggest extra GSH and NAC.

  3. I’ll try to find this survey. I have suffered from Lyme since 1999. This year on my 60th I got Covid. I’m really suffering still going on 8 months now. Really ruined my life

  4. I have Lyme and am on Ivermectin for candida symptoms and was sure I had covid but free test came back negative. My question … can Ivermectin affect the test result as well as the severity of covid?

  5. Dr Horowitz, I got sick…. found your book & having been steering myself back to wellness & I'm getting there. Your advice has been invaluable. Dr Cameron your initiative to run this study answered a gap in the knowledge for so many of us & thank you. Both of your brilliant brains are supporting so so many people get well & stay clear of getting even sicker from C19, I'm very grateful to you for that & will share this excellent over view w the Irish Lyme Community & anyone who will listen. May you both continue to well & happy 😊

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