Friday, July 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

The BEST Health Advice on the INTERNET From the Worlds LEADING Experts

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You understand the importance of being healthy. No one ever strives for sickness and suboptimal health conditions. There is no shortage of advice, tips, tricks and hacks for your health. Sleep more, eat this, don’t eat that, lift this, run more, drink more water, it feels like too much. Let’s break this down and keep it as simple and relevant as possible to help you optimize your overall health. David Sinclair is sharing 3 levels to help you reset your biological clock. Dr. Rahul Jundial is explaining how to intermittent fast while understanding the effect food has on your mind. Liz Josefsberg, Dr Steven Gundry and Dr. Alan Goldhamer simplify food’s relationship with your brain and gut health. Shawn Stevenson brings everything together to emphasize why diet and exercise amount to nothing without knowing how to sleep smarter.

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0:00 | Introduction Health Tips
0:29 | Tip #1 Reset Your Biological Clock
7:37 | Tip #2 Enhance Autophagy
14:01 | Tip #3 Intermittently Fast
22:07 | Tip #4 Better Relationships with Food
30:29 | Tip #5 Improve Your Gut Health
37:46 | Tip #6 Watch Your Salt Intake
43:10 | Tip #7 Sleep better


“We evolved to stay healthy and alive and fit to wear 40. And then the forces of natural selection decline after that” David Sinclair [2:04]

“We need to realize that certainly our body can have perturbations, but it doesn’t mean you’re always going to manifest symptoms of that […] the body and the mind and the diet and lifestyle are so powerful.” Mike Mutzel [12:35]

“Food affects mind, food affects brain with that premise, we can talk about, okay, mine diet will hold off dementia, and intermittent fasting might make you feel like you’ve had a cup of coffee” Rahul Jundial [15:59]

“Aging, to me, is either the quick or slow breakdown of the gut wall.” Steven Gundry [30:31]

“When you think about the five pounds of bacteria that live in your gut, it may not be too good an idea to put too much of a preservative into that gut because it will alter the microflora” Alan Goldhamer [40:56]

“Our sleep quality is more important than our diet and exercise combined. What it does for our health and also literally our physical appearance. Fascinating stuff how much more fat you lose when you get optimal sleep.” Shawn Stevenson [44:45]

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25 thoughts on “The BEST Health Advice on the INTERNET From the Worlds LEADING Experts
  1. To those reading this… Just wanted to share my 10 extra tips to INCREASE your daily manifestations that I’ve learned over the years..👇🏾

    1. Practice gratitude every morning. When you wake up, list everything that you are grateful for and feel that gratitude in your core. Feel free to write things down in a journal so it is easy for you to remember.

    2. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time you feel a negative thought coming on, make a positive spin on it right away.

    3. Take ownership for things that happen in your life. It's easy to blame others however you will feel much better when you realize that most issues stem from us.

    4. ALWAYS believe that good things are about to happen. By being open to new possibilities you are inviting abundance into your life.

    5. Remember that like attracts like so you get back whatever you put out, whether it is good or bad. So do good AND received good.

    6. Meditate for five minutes a day. During this time focus on how you want your life to be; but place your focus on how you feel AND feel that feeling as if you have already accomplished those goals.

    7. Step outside of your comfort zone. Stop playing it safe and make that decision to finally go for your dreams.

    8. Focus on activities that make you feel truly happy. When you are truly happy you have the best vibrational frequency to manifest your desires.

    9. Avoid the naysayers and surround yourself with people who only lift you higher. Downers will be downers, don't let them drag you into their misery.

    10. Don't be afraid to dream and know that you are always supported by the universe.

    Hope this helps!

    – Your Friendly Neighborhood Coach ❤️

  2. Thank You For your choice of guests & diversity.
    If a whale is so well suited as to being an apex being
    & this is from your guests understanding that it has no predation upon it.
    Using this to explain its very long life span, 200 plus years,
    Can he explain why the lobster is said to possibly be immortal?
    The lobster as do a few other crustations & certain fungal communities as shown to regenerate for what seems endless time unless something catastrophic happens.
    So is this guest using
    Jonah & his old whale as a tall tail, & a whale of a tail if I fo say so to sell his phama?
    You know where his monitary support comes from yes?
    The secret is simple.
    When you breathe in you are oxydizing which mean being destroyed.
    When you breathe out you are repairing.
    The secret is breathe out for 6 times longer than you breathe in, as you breathe out the breath in triggers the bodies response to grow. Heal, repair, become new & adapt.
    Tho if you breathe as the average human you are dying every moment as the in breath in longer than the out.
    Meaning the body is not exhaling the toxic waste before the next wave of dying comes.
    Free divers have used this method for 1000s of years.
    They on 1 breath can dive 100 or more feet while slowly letting out the breath they inhaled, for upwards of 20 minutes while under cardio of entire body.
    Your guest is supported by liars.
    Truth is your body is the manufacturer of all you have or ever will be. As soon as you count on something outside your body, you give up your power & submit to rule of religious order.
    You are your Savior.
    Not Bill gates & his hounds of hell.

  3. Its amazing how much fasting, low to no carb and getting sun the VERY first thing in the morning has done for my metal health. If anyone is struggling PLEASE try this for at least a week. You WILL feel better. The gut health is now being said to produce possibly 90% of our serotonin.

  4. Phenomenal person reading this, surround yourself with people who are better and wealthier! Keeps you humble, teachable, and hungry. You become those with whom you surround yourself with! Birds of a feather flock together! You got this! 🌟
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

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