Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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mtDNA shows how humans migrated across the World

It has been over 20 years since DNA analysis technology began to be used in the field of archaeology. In many countries, scientists are analyzing genes from ancient human fossils and making them into a database so that they can be used for research.

Genes extracted from more than 10,000 fossils were extracted, analyzed, and compared.As a result, humans are said to have originated from a woman in Africa about 200,000 years ago.

And as a result of genetic analysis of her descendants who lived scattered around the globe, their migration routes were revealed.
In this video, their movement paths by era were mapped.
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29 thoughts on “mtDNA shows how humans migrated across the World
  1. Thanks for this map. People will understand the story much better now. I have been telling this story for a long time, but it is much better on You-tube. Cynthia Allen McLaglen

  2. 실제 대사성질환이나 유전적질환의 기전을 밝히기 위해 mtDNA를 타겟으로 연구하고 있는데 본 영상을 보니 그 이유를 확실히 알듯합니다.아직 첫 회 영상만 봤지만 매우 흥미롭네요. 계속 이어서 시청하려 합니다.

  3. I learned in school about how adam and eve meet for the first time at north africa and saudi hills call arafah mountain for the first time after arrive on earth. Such a romantic stories

    The correct events is INTO AFRICA. not out of Africa.
    the reason People of No Color like Dar-wism and Out of Africa theory = is because it added them to the relevant timeline of Earth. THE THEORIES ARE STUPID and They are not relevant to ???
    Africa serves as an Ark. that is why all the people and the animals are there.. (THIS EXCLUSION) is the trigger for racism, envy, antiblack that is still built in to the epigenetics
    ?we dont know you ☺ WE DO NOT KNOW YOU!! black people are not your mom or your dad. we would have called you family if you were that.

    in the near future when? the waves roll in .., due to climate change: you will start see heavy migration into Africa. because it can survive melting of the polar ice. its on a Flat high plateau and is a solid 6 timezone wide. **plenty of space to start over for all

    ? IF they were about that life. we will see a Species category for Human beings …..exactly

  5. 1:21 yeh but 1.8m years ago it was totally different. Going to google earth is pointless as it was nothing like that back then. I mean the sahara desert was lush green jungle with lakes and shit. The earth has changed so much in 1.8m year that the place she was born raised is nothing like it is now.

  6. I agreed videos concept !
    If ET will revise earth animals gene create wisdom life must select Africa victory lake area because that's near equator and animals species diversity use " Ray " that'scan change animals gene so that create human !
    The Ray is universe consciousness !

  7. Africa Kilimanjaro mountain and Victory Lake is constitutional to human native land elements ; So that human migration in the globe like search new habitat land will require mountain that's neighbors lake like African homeland ! structure !

  8. Like Covid, we "infected" the planet like a virus. We are NOT supreme … we are just another infection on this world. If we don't take care of this world, we will be exterminated by other "diseases", like genocides, pesticides or other Covid-like diseases.

  9. Human mimigration never started in Africa,this simply isn't true.theres very little neandertal DNA in European people.its out of Asia,not Africa.this has been known since 1890.wrong map and wrong continent.

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