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Top 10 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient

Vitamin D deficiency is a something a lot of people have. 40%+ of American adults, and approximately 1+ billion people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D. Here are the top 10 warning signs of vitamin D deficiency most people ignore! That’s a lot of people walking around lacking in this vital nutrient. As you may already know, lack of vitamins or a vitamin deficiency can cause serious health consequences and physical issues if not addressed. A deficiency of vitamin D is easy to fix if your levels are too low. Get more sunlight, consume more foods high in Vitamin D, and take a supplement like this one

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient
  1. I was taking 15,000 IU of cholecalciferol a day after getting an initial LC/MS test. In a month, still using the LC/MS method of testing, my level went up only 1 nm/mL. I switched to calcifidiol 3600 IU and will take another test tomorrow but I suspect it's not going to be significantly improved. I am having some thyroid auto-immune response to the covid vaccine, though it's significantly improved. Could that be why I only had a 1 nm/mL improvement in a month? Any suggestions for improving this? I am an athlete and follow keto, so it's not like I have an unhealthy diet.

  2. The biggest lie ever told was that black people. People of color can't exorb Vitamin D from the Sun and that's a big fat lie we can sunbathe and absorb vitamin D. Although I think you still need to take the vitamin to ensure we have enough!

  3. For me, the biggest sign is getting head colds. Back in 2004 to 2008 I had a very bad boss, so I could NOT be sick. But yet I was. Like 3 to 5 times per year. I looked for everything to end the winter colds and in 2009 I found VItamin D. I had myself tested and I was 8ng per ml. I started supplementing to 40 ngs or higher… I went 10 years without a head cold in the winter. No sore throat, no stuffy nose, no watery eyes.. no cough. NADA! In 10 years. When before I had colds at least 3xs per winter. Terrible colds that lasted a week.

  4. There was a study out last year that suggested that auto immune is a vitamin D Deficency issue — you heard the press that got, wait, you didn't? Yeh I didn't either.

  5. Any recommendations for something to take that I may be missing for my eczema dermatitis/autoimmune issues? It's gotten a lot better with high side of vitamin D about 20k IU. But, my skin isn't 100% yet. I still need a topical steroid about weekly or so. It is fair to assume that someone that is in tune with their body would be able to know if vitamin D is causing harm? My theory is my body burns through a lot of vitamin D or my body doesn't convert it well to the active form. I notice. I need to take these high doses or the itching starts up worse. (I tried to go back down to 10k IU). My blood levels are good. Which is why I'm wondering if I don't convert it well. Or simply use a ton of it quickly.

  6. I went to my doctors to ask for my thyroid tests to be redone as I felt I had no energy to live. In addition the doctor did a Vit D test. I will be forever grateful to him for doing that as my results came back with a reading of 40nmol. It took 6 months on 4000iu per day to get up to a normal level. On a maintenance dose of 1000iu per day my levels dropped back down. So now I stick at 2000iu per day. It was fascinating to watch your video and see that my mitochondria were suffering and causing my loss of energy.

  7. This was extremely detailed… thank you. What I find amazing is that this information isn't getting out there. I have been on to Vitamin D since 2009… after seeing a video by Carol Baggerty. A woman who had breast cancer and happy to say she is still alive. I knew immediately this was it. And have supplemented ever since. It is frustrating to me that I can't get others to take Vitamin D. If you are looking for a new video, I might do one on D and cancer. Almost every cancer is pushed back from D.

  8. Insulin resistance and VD deficiency really slapped me upside my head. I was diagnosed with IR type2 diabetes and VD deficiency. Was told to stop taking VD3 supplements and told to take VD2 500mg 1 tablet once a week!! Time to find a new doctor!!

  9. Thank you Doctor E! I started my health journey in January, I’ve lost 55lbs. In 8 months, from 275 to 220. I’m 54 and feel great! , no more knee pain( sardines every day helps). I use your videos to instruct my son for his home school health class- thanks again

  10. I am from a tropical country with high levels of sunlight all year. I recently moved to Canada and didn't supplement vitamin D. I noticed that my teeth became more sensitive, feeling pain for no reason. Dentists didn't find any reason, suggested crazy treatments such as root canal, bite adjustments, night guards. Nothing worked. After I gave up, my family doctor recommended that I took vitamin D the whole year, just because of my background, and my teeth problem disappeared.

  11. Hi Sten, Maybe you could help me. I'm trying to find one of your videos to share but i can't find it. Where you show the emotion in the hand technique. I find it very useful and have expanded on it's original purpose.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you doc. I just had my regular doctor order my test I'm trying to get vitamin d naturally 30 minutes a day at 12:00 Eastern standard Time I really feel that I've been neglecting my body because I had pneumonia about a month and a half ago which was the first time in 21 years. Thank you so much for this dissertation mini dissertation as always I wish you you and your family happy holidays

  13. Thanks Doc.
    I live on the Equator and I am exposed to the sun everyday of the year, the same to other people from where I come from. Skin cancer caused by the sun is news to me.

  14. I have binge watched 3 years of your videos beginning last month and have been on the keto and IF all of November and Dec MTD.
    I feel great and did OMAD for six days.
    I had no major excess weight. I was nearly 180 lbs when I started keto and I'm now at 168 lbs and stable at what I targeted for. I'm 5'10" and feel this is a nominal weight.
    My main concern is that my urine ketone tests are maxed out at 16 mmole/L
    I'm going to stop the fasting to see if the ketones drop back to a more normal reading.
    I have never been told by my doctor that I had any sign of diabetes. I'm 71 years old.
    Should I worry about the high keytone readings?

  15. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for these very helpful videos. It helps to shed light on so many things in everyday life and especially your diet videos help me think more deeply about the food I choose and make for my family.
    I was wondering if you have different fasting and low-carb diet tips for pregnant/breastfeeding women? I've heard anecdotes of ketogenic diet causing issues for these women.

  16. Hi Dr can I ask some advise please in relation to fasting. Firstly how long do you really need to fast to achieve autophagy. I have read different opinions some say 18 hours is enough and some say 24 hours and more? I have done 18 / 6 fasts mon- fri before and I am starting fasting again but not sure what time frame to do? I could stick with 18/6 mon- fri but will I achieve autophagy ? Or would it be better to do three 24 hours fasts? Also I wanted to ask about getting the correct nutrition when fasting as obviously you eat nothing so get no nutrition. For example this video relating to Vitamin D? If your fasting for 24 hours 3 times per week how do you ensure you get enough good nutrition. I also train in the Gym and don’t really want to lose too much muscle, therefore, how do you ensure enough protein and nutrition and vitamins with such a small eating window? I would be grateful for any advise or possibly a video about this? 👍

  17. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Question please: Whenever I get the vitamin D level test my doctor says it’s fine (I go to Kaiser Permanente in California, but grew up in Sweden 🇸🇪). I have Hashimoto’s, Behçet’s disease and severe untreated scoliosis (no corrective surgery was ever made). I have suffered from extreme fatigue and inability to concentrate the last 1.5-2 years. Could my illnesses especially Hashimoto’s cause an issue? Is my prenatal vitamins (taking per my dietitian) enough for me? What kind of vitamin D do I need? Someone please answer. I’m desperate. 😔

  18. Tusen tack! Thank You very much for this video. I truly applies to me. I was misdiagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease until this year when my specialist discovered by special tests and biopsies that my 25 year severe Crohn’s disease diagnosis was faulty and all of my symptoms (besides the scoliosis) was due to Behçet’s disease which I was diagnosed with in 2004. I want to be able to take vitamin D in a way that my body does not need to process it through my thyroid (I have Hashimoto’s). I have been a vegetarian my entire life and would like to know a substitute as efficient as cod liver oil please. Someone help please! Thank You so much 😊

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