Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Don't Think About Coffee Enemas Until You Listen to This

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Coffee should only go in one body orifice, butt that’s not always what happens.

So, let’s answer the questions you’ve been assking about coffee enemas.

They seem to get to the bottom of many health issues: liver detox, colon cleansing, bacteria

killing, anti-inflammation, etc…

But, is it all a load of crap?

Or, is it a great way to leave all your health woes behind you?

Don’t worry…

I’m not just going to bash coffee enemas, that’d be too assymetrical

(Ok… I’ll stop being cheeky😁)

We’re not going to make any mistakes on the concrete details; and if you miss something,

that’s your asphalt.

You’re going to see how your body is a piece of art, a real Picasso

And, you’ll be on a new planet (perhaps Uranus?) of understanding on how to optimize your

energy levels.

This episode is going to be a killer, a real assassin.

We’re going to see the cracks in the theories and you will say we “wrecked ’em”

So join me for “Don’t Think About Coffee Enemas Until You Listen to This”

(P.S. I make no apologies for all the puns… if it was painful… here’s an asspirin 💊)


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