Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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EP 180 – The Paleo Thyroid Solution with Elle Russ

The Paleo Thyroid Solution:

Do you have any idea how many prevailing health issues go untreated or, at the very least, mistreated just because the patient didn’t know the right questions to ask? At times, your doctor is clueless about the underlying factors and does not go deeply into the root of the symptoms. One of these commonly misdiagnosed health problems is thyroid issues. Elle Russ shares her story from being a patient who suffered misdiagnosis and improper treatments to becoming a health coach. Now, she helps people, particularly women, get the information and support they need to overcome hypothyroidism through the Paleo Thyroid Solution. Learn more about this treatment and how to gauge if your thyroid is acting normally or not.

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5 thoughts on “EP 180 – The Paleo Thyroid Solution with Elle Russ
  1. Love how she dives right in shooting down all the fake doctors! . I've had 8 amalgam since I was 11 years old I'm now 60 and I'm starting to get rid of them and it's been a long journey. Thank you for this information

  2. Strange if you have done all the bloodwork, and all the values are good. But still have all the signs of a thyroid issue. Does this sound familliary to anyone?

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