Saturday, August 13, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Pillar 1- Eliminate Initial Barriers. Live 7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health
  1. Hi Dr Schmidt. Thank you for all your videos on health have been watching and listening for a number of years and I want to sincerely thank you for all your advice and for genuinely caring about people's health. I think that like myself and most of your subscribers we know axactly why you have been sensored. May God Bless you 🙏 🕊️ Much love and blessings from Ireland ☘️🙋❤️

  2. Dr Morse is a fruitarian it's amazing to me he uses fruits to cure all types of cancer. I think the fructose from the fruit is different than the fructose from other sources?

  3. So in acidic diet will promote a cancer. But in alkalizing diet will not. That's why someone that eats mostly fruits all the time we'll probably never ever get cancer

  4. Another thing I've learned is that a tough pudgy from fasting is greatly beneficial. I like to alternate intermittent fasting even ketosis with fruits or mostly fruits. So when I do fasting I get the benefits of a top of your Keto ketosis. And when I do my fruit smoothies I get the benefits of an alkalizing diet that fights cancers from all the chemicals in the fruits naturally

  5. What I understand about fruits is that it will flush out virus. I think the same is true about ketosis it will weaken. Because I believe a virus was created in Laboratories by man so if you take junk Foods out of the equation they have nothing to feed on because both are artificial. So if you introduce something like colloidal silver in the mix. During a fast and during ketosis period that is a viral nightmare and it will probably knock out everything. And then when you finally do eat if you do 100% fruits like smoothies according to doctor sebi that alkalize the body and if you have high iron foods that gives the body strength period and then if you use herbs that's what cleanses also. Not in this order but these are two things I've learned

  6. Another thing dr. Sebi would talk about mucus forming foods to avoid because that's what beds virus. So you remove the excess mucus and you you put in alkalizing foods and that aids in Flushing with herbs. He mostly prescribed electric foods that have energy. And he would absolutely stay away from all junk Foods he actually was became a vegetarian

  7. Dr Morse will primarily use fruits to get the lymph system flowing. Because if you have a cancer that's a clogged lymph system stagnant because he said the lymph system is the sewer system of the body. Same with pain that's a buildup probably from acidic diet. He always prescribes dark berries like grapes lemons watermelon. Preach that hydrate that are astringent that unblock the system the quad systems

  8. . I know how to get them off dialysis. You juice about 5 lemons can you mix that in spring water like a gallon and that's all they drink those lemons are like magic

  9. Dr Darren totally agree however the current Western diet introduced to combat hunger and starvation. Without junk food majority of people will roll back to poverty and starvation once more.

  10. Three years ago your advice on how to lower mucous in the body revolutionized my life. I have retained a lot of what you've taught over this time. You have such a good approach to restoring health. Thank you for your commitment to helping ppl.

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