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Alzheimers: What the experts are getting wrong | Ep185

Full show notes and transcript: https://drgundry.com/Dale-Bredesen-3

Disclaimer: This video is intended only to expand your knowledge regarding cognitive health and is NOT a substitute for seeking medical advice. It’s important to first communicate with your doctor regarding any of the information you wish to put into practice, especially for serious illnesses such as Alzhiemer’s disease. OK, let’s get started!

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It’s now the sixth-leading cause of death for ALL adults in the United States, and over 90 million Americans are genetically predisposed to get it.

Yes, I’m talking about Alzheimer’s Disease.

And unfortunately, most so-called experts will tell you there’s nothing you can do about it.

But I’ve got news: my guest says that line of thinking is complete BOGUS.

In fact, he believes that not only can this dreaded disease be prevented, but it can be REVERSED.

I’m joined again by Dr. Dale Bredesen, New York Times bestselling author, and professor of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at UCLA. Dr. Bredesen has a new book out called, The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words.
Dr. Bredesen gives an exclusive look into his book, including what most people get WRONG about the evaluation, prevention, and treatment of Alzhiemers disease. We also share how YOU can support a healthy brain and mental clarity– no matter your age.

That’s right, Dr. Bredesen says there is hope for everyone out there – and your journey starts today.

On this episode you’ll learn:
The 4 stages of Alzheimer’s disease – and why there’s no “one size-fits-all” when it comes to treatment (6:00)
Common indicators of early onset dementia – and how taking THIS preventative step could save your life or the life of a loved one (7:00)
The yearly routine that can give YOU better understand your brain health and help reduce your risk of cognitive decline (it CAN be prevented) (10:00)
Why having a “senior moment” is NOT a normal part of aging – and why the typical treatment surrounding cognitive decline is considered “dangerous” and “old fashioned” (14:00)
5 of the BIGGEST threats to brain health – and simple ways to avoid or counteract the damage (15:00)
The FIRST steps you (or a loved one) should take after receiving a diagnosis for Alzhiemer’s – and why Dr. Bredesen says taking this approach is the secret to ending the dementia epidemic (19:00)
2 dietary changes you can make TODAY to significantly support your cognitive health – and tips for getting started (23:00)
The cognitive test you NEED to ask your doctor about (and what to do if they don’t take your request seriously) (38:00)

Mentioned on this episode:
The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline (purchase here!)

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25 thoughts on “Alzheimers: What the experts are getting wrong | Ep185
  1. Excellent presentation from Dr. Bredesen. Interesting to find physician like Dr. Bredesen and yourself that explain complex topics like this, in simple words. Saludos desde Tijuana Mexico

  2. It’s so complicated to get and stay well. Especially when your brain is already affected. Thank you for your work and your effort to help all of us.
    Love you guys !!!! Blessings ?☺️???

  3. PubMed says toxic mold is only harmful if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. They claim the science doesn’t point to any conclusive cognitive issues and that it has been a scam to rip off the elderly and misinformed.

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    and after I used some natural herbs I got from Dr Joah I no longer suffer from herpes virus.

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  7. Real questions..
    – do people with dementia get progressively more selfish and into themselves? Caring less about the life around them.
    – did they become like this because they chose not to look and care about others as much as themselves?
    – is forgetting a convenience? Or a something that never got dealt with and so the process of creation, maintenance, and destruction never came to fruition? Largely all that’s left eventually is the tendencies, compulsions and karma that never came full circle. To be relived until the process is complete?

    Interesting ideas:

    – the breath, and the mental processes are intimately connected. But the weak link goes.
    – the quality of an environment is proportional to the type of organism that can inhabit that environment.
    – what is the role of cell phone towers and electromagnetic fields on the system? Is it because of the thinner skulls that the birds are dying fastest and is most evident?

  8. I bought Dr Bredesen’s book. There was nothing in his book of value. It was about his research. Progress was eluded to. With further investigation, you can sign up for an extremely expensive “program”. He talks the talk, so why do we not see this cure? My brother-in-law died last year from Alzheimers. There was no mention of the Breseden protocol. The docs all said they have no cure.

  9. A great video! I've already been a big fan of Dr. Gundry. I'm 70 years old and I've changed my diet and been using intermittent fasting for several months. I've lost 47 pounds and I'm feeling terrific! Looking forward to looking into the ReCoDE Protocol and Dr. Bredesen's book!

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