Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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How to Time Strength Training and Cycling: Deep Dive (Ask a Cycling Coach 341)

Learn how to time your strength training, the best strength workouts for cycling and more in this Quick Clip from episode 341 of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast!

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• The Chase: An Inside Look at What It Takes to Be The Best: https://bit.ly/2JdtMhK
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• How to Become a Faster Mountain Biker https://bit.ly/3afHGf7
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5 thoughts on “How to Time Strength Training and Cycling: Deep Dive (Ask a Cycling Coach 341)
  1. This is a real challenge for me because I love strength training almost as much as I love cycling, and my genetics make more gain big muscle from any amount of strength training which I don't want. I'll let y'all know when I find the balance.

  2. Great video! So far, I have been performing my strength training as per Russian methodology. Doing a little bit often, descending pyramids and below threshold fatigue. It’s working very well.

    For reference, this is how Stuart McGill advises on training core; and that’s what I’ve done there too.

  3. Great video. My takeaway after reading a ton on this and my personal experience: Do strength training year round, enough that you have some fatigue but not so much it gets in the way of your endurance training. It doesn't matter when you do it – just do it (I personally like to do it before a hard training session and can still ride really well). And lift heavy (with good form) and really focus on intent of the lift.

  4. Hi Guys, I am a regular viewer of the channel and look forward to hearing Chad talk about all the interesting topics. This will be my first time to chime in on a topic as I feel that I don't have anything to contribute as you guys hit all of the points. However, in this case I would like to suggest that you have a specific guest on for a little Q & A on nutrition. I would recommend Rhonda Patrick PhD. She would be a excellent guest for looking at nutrition from the micro nutrient standpoint. We all know how important nutrition is for not only fueling a work out but for recovery as well. I think that she can speak more clearly as to the why micro nutrients are so important and not just macros… Feel free to connect with me with any questions about why I'm recommending her. Also, I would love to connect before the next cx season as I would love to come on and be a guest for cx skills.. Cheers Scott

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