Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Forensic Files – Season 7, Episode 25 – Dressed to Kill – Full Episode

A childs father is suspected when she is killed, but years later police learn a convicted murderer lived nearby. Tiny drops of blood help police to solve the crime.

Forensic Files is the longest-running true crime series in television history. Evidence and interviews with experts help solve real crimes, disease outbreaks and accidents around the world.

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17 thoughts on “Forensic Files – Season 7, Episode 25 – Dressed to Kill – Full Episode
  1. you don’t have to go to K-Mart to find out he is crazy….that made my day.
    I agree, detectives did a poor job on the michelle Dorr case, gee i feel bad for this father being wrongfully suspected

  2. This is why you NEVER get married. Women can have you arrested anytime they want especially in these modern times where you see narcissism spreading across the country especially in blue states.

  3. Lovely. Focused so hard on dad, almost let the real killer get away. Genius. I'm sorry, but isn't common sense a necessity in law enforcement??? Or is that no longer a requirement??? That poor child. Grief in life, grief in death.

  4. This is very tragic both for the little girl and a few other people like her dad he was accused of killing his daughter for years and they never went after anybody else to find out who was the real killer . That piece of shit in the interrogation interview a room with it serial killer ?

  5. Don't understand why polygraph lie detectors are used at all, they aren't admissible in court because they are totally unreliable. Professionals still use them in police work, psychological evaluations and psychosexual evaluations and peoples lives are ruined or cleared of suspicion all because of a gimmick machine.

  6. Kids are unpredictable, they can't be left unattended, you leave them at point A and when you come back you find them at point B, it's so irresponsible when people say my kid never goes beyond point A bc one day they'll surprise you and go to point B?

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