Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

8 INSANE BENEFITS To Intermittent Fasting (TRY THIS TODAY!)

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On this episode you’ll learn:
* What percentage of our genes operate on a circadian pattern. 
* How long you should fast to optimize your biology. 
* Considerations women should make in regards to intermittent fasting.
* The impact that fasting has on our dopamine levels.
* General recommendations for fine-tuning your fasting window. 
* How fasting can actually make your life less stressful. 
* The effects fasting has on your stress response system. 
* What fasting-mimicking foods are. 
* The number one factor in developing obesity and diabetes. 
* How metabolic flexibility can help you find peace with food.
* What the fourth macronutrient is.
* How fasting makes your stored body fat reserves more accessible.
* The connection between muscle mass and circadian nutrition. 
* How fasting impacts inflammation. 
* A link between leaky gut, autoimmunity, and fasting.
* The role fasting can play in cancer prevention. 
* How insulin levels influence common Western illnesses.
* Why eating six small meals per day is detrimental to brain health and longevity. 
* How the glymphatic system works, and why you should have a brain cleaning night.

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10 thoughts on “8 INSANE BENEFITS To Intermittent Fasting (TRY THIS TODAY!)
  1. I just started watching your channel!! Great content 😊 Not sure if you covered it Shawn but could you do a video on hypoactive thyroid and fasting or anything thyroid-related?? I feel lots of people have some kind of endocrine problem. I was diagnosed with graves disease at 14 and am currently Hypoactive im 26 now and I had radiation done to remove the thyroid and I have been dealing with this ever since. Wishing everyone light and love!!

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