Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Insulin leads to SPOT SPECIFIC Fat Gain [Study 22]

Study, Notes, & Amendments:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Study Design
1:17 – Insulin increases Body Weight & Fat
2:01 – Insulin reduces Oxygen Consumption – What does that Mean?
3:01 – Molecular Mechanisms explaining the Results
4:00 – Conclusions

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17 thoughts on “Insulin leads to SPOT SPECIFIC Fat Gain [Study 22]
  1. They injected them with insulin? Exogenous insulin (rhetorical)? Did I not watch long enough before I got distracted with this typing? I'd like to see if their own endogenous insulin had the same effect on site specific fat gain. This is reminds me of Jason Fung as it sits but maybe I missed something.

  2. low levels of insulin floating around in the body = higher bmr (burning off the excess energy) β€”> performance mode

    high levels of insulin floating around in the body = lower bmr (shoving the excess energy into storage) β€”> storage mode

    basically right?

  3. Nice vid. Question, at 2:45, "less oxygen consumption…is typical with fat burning." But if the mice gained fat AND had less oxygen consumption how is this possible? Is it entirely due to reducing the mit. efficiency protein?

    Also, it might help strengthen their conclusion about insulin "spot" weight gain to compare against a simple increase in carbs or any food type. Do mice get fat in those spots regardless of food type or not?

  4. Does anyone else find he slide transitions distracting? They grab my attention and I lose the train of thought. Also, it is better if the slide stays on the screen a tad after you discuss it, so we can take it in or pause to consider after you finish discussing it. I had to do a lot of rewinding. Finally, I just listened to it without the visuals.

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