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Low potassium and the sodium potassium pump – Dr. J Live Q & A

Low Potassium And The Sodium Potassium Pump – Dr. J Live Q & A

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Hey, guys! In this video, Dr. J talks about low potassium and how sodium-potassium pump works. If you have hypokalemia, you have low potassium levels in your blood. Potassium is a mineral your body needs to work usually. It helps muscles move, cells get the nutrients they need, and nerves send their signals. It’s essential for cells in your heart. It also helps keep your blood pressure from getting too high.

There are many different reasons you could have low potassium levels. It may be because too much potassium is leaving through your digestive tract. It’s usually a symptom of another problem. To know more, make sure to watch the full video, or you can set an appointment and have yourself tested.

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4 thoughts on “Low potassium and the sodium potassium pump – Dr. J Live Q & A
  1. I had low potassium and sodium. Now I add pink salt to foods and ate more Bananas, Potatoes, mushrooms. 3 months later normal levels in blood work. I was so careful with salt. Its really sugar that needs more watching. I think Im hydrated better since increasing sodium.I deal with dry mouth at night.

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