Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Age Reversal Action Plan – Amplify 2021 Convention

This is an extraordinary keynote presentation by Founder, CEO and Inventor on Why Age Reversal is Important and Your Action Plan for Age Reversal today. WATCH THIS for yourself and your aging loved ones.

7:14 – Biblical View on Aging & Electromagnetic Fields
10:45 – How to Alter the Way We Age
11:15 – How State of Anger, Stress & Love affect our Health
17:40 – Modern Scientists View on Aging
18:41 – Why Age Reversal?
23:10 – How Do We Get There?
27:45 – David Sinclair Segment – Aging is A Disease
34:30 – Technology that Changes The Way We Age
40:00 – New Technology for Age Reversal
40:50 – Clinical Study to Evaluate a System for Regenerating the Age of Human Cells (Lengthening of Telomeres)
49:00 – Biomimetic Technology
58:42 – Aubrey de Grey Segment – Technology to Counter Aging
1:00:00 – Your Age Reversal Action Plan
– Solving Mitochondrial Dysfunction
– Solving Accumulation of Dead Cells
– Solving Loss of Stem Cell Activity
– Solving Breakdown in Cell Communications
– Solving Alteration of Genome
– Solving Telomere Shortening
– Solving Inflammation and Stress
– Solving Loss of Cell Coherence
– Solving Leakage of Biophotons
Finally, avoid being angry but stay in the state of LOVE.

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