Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

How the Heart Impacts the Gut | Dr. Catherine Clinton

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The gut-brain-immune connection has become a popular topic in recent years. 🦠

But did you know that your heart also plays a huge part in this communication network? ❤️

Our latest Goodness Lover podcast episode dives deep into the pivotal role your heart plays into the gut-brain-immune connection, and how the vagus nerve ties into all this.

This week, we sat down with naturopathic physician Dr. Catherine Clinton to talk all about the heart, brain, gut, how it’s all connected via the vagus nerve, and so much more!


00:00 Dr. Catherine Clinton and The Heart-Gut Connection Introduction
05:54 Why the Vagus Nerve is the Master Controller
09:04 How Does the Heart-Brain-Gut Connections Impact Overall Health?
17:51 What Can Heart Rate Variability Tell Us About Our Health?
20:17 How Trauma and Stress Impacts Decision Making
28:31 What Does the Protocol for Realigning Your Heart to the Brain-Gut Connection
37:01 Why Humans Have Overcomplicated Health
39:24 Our Interconnectedness As People
46:38 What Should the First Steps Be?
54:17 Dr. Clinton’s Resources


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9 thoughts on “How the Heart Impacts the Gut | Dr. Catherine Clinton
  1. I am very interested in the vagus nerve and need to ask this question:
    I have psychogenic tremor though chronic stress, shock and disbelieve at how large organisations dealt with me. I was so angry. I went to bed and woke up with my hands shaking. This has now gone to my stomach and legs.
    Is to do with the vagus nerve? I feel it is and need to know what I can do about this.

  2. This lecture brought tears to my eyes. Dr. Catherine emanates such peace and gentleness. This was an awesome lecture indeed. I can’t wait for my piece of the jigsaw to fit properly! Thank you Matt and Sarah for your dedication and hard work.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved it and I'm starting to follow Dr. Catherine Clinton to learn more about this connection.
    When you talked about heart transplant I just remembered about the book Biology of Belief, from Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explains very well about this. Everything is connected. We are connected. We are not part of the whole. We are the whole. Thank you Goodness Lover for sharing so much love in all the information you bring to us. Happy holidays to everyone.

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