Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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33 thoughts on “DAILY HACKS To Reduce Inflammation & PREVENT DISEASE! | Mike Mutzel
  1. I appreciate all of your podcasts. I love that Mom guilt was mentioned. It's not fun to be the only Mom in a group questioning for informed consent. Doing that, makes you a good parent

  2. Now these words are true WISDOM!!!! Facts facts facts!!!!! THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE ON EVERY TV STATION WORLD WIDE PLEASE ??????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Stop the government dictatorship worldwide lies and start saving lives bringing back freedom. Let this truth set us free. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart

  3. You guys are using a remarkable amount of restraint in your conversation here. I live in Michigan, chemtrail spraying is virtually daily, and I first noticed it in April 1999. Still to this day people are oblivious (fluoride, processed foods, vaccines, etc are doing their job). There is a weather factor to the aerial spraying-whenever they do it heavy, which is often, there is a dramatic weather change. For example, yesterday we had of course, highly unseasonable 60 degree weather with a beautiful, clear blue sky. The sprayed for a few hours over the tricounty, metro detroit area, which not only blocked the sun, prepared for the TWENTY DEGREE DROP in temperature over night with freezing rain. Precipitation usually follows the chemtrail spraying. They spray the crap out of this state, probably as you say, to lower D levels, etc. Also the World Economic Forum recently had a ceremony announcing Detroit is now their "homebase." Probably just a coincidence…..Don't stop putting out this info. Time is crucial now, let those who have ears to hear, hear. God bless you both, your families and your ministries, in Jesus name.

  4. Shawn, I started listening to Mike when Covid first reared its head. I've lost 40 lbs, I'm ketogenic, unvaxxed, no antibodies, high T cell immunity, and feel 10 years younger! 35 lbs have come back to my upper body in the form of muscle.
    He breaks down the science and covers all sides of debates.
    Great guest!

  5. Walking is the best. Cost nothing, easy and enjoyable . I walk 2 hours daily. Don't get any flu or cold in the past 2 decades. Fast 20/4 everyday. Feeling better and better. No need prescriptions and doctor visits. I am 69, unvaccinated. I respect the covid but don't believe the vaccine, any vaccine. Am building and having a strong army inside of me and for any reason I don't want to induce a strange substance to destroy or interfere my health. Not even to keep a job.

  6. Yes, there are nuances. You say it’s untenable to produce enough vaccines for 330 million people. Is routine testing of antibodies for 330 million any more practical? You talk about public health, but it’s very obvious that you know little about it & that it has been systematically denuded. Shawn says that he’s never seen such a push for vaccination. What about the polio epidemic? Have you ever attempted to change relatives or friends health behavior? Much easier said than done! I agree with your promotion of heathy living, but how do you practically implement it? If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Do more than “preach to the choir”!

  7. I’ve worked hard to optimize my body for the best health possible ever since the start of the bug.
    Unfortunately I’m an bad person for believing in the power of good health according to the mainstream scientists and politicians (possibly one in the same).

  8. Great interview and really motivating for maintaining one’s health. Makes me think that Siim Land will live for 100 years- he’s been doing all this exersise & fasting & saunas since he was about 10 yrs old! Happy Christmas to everyone reading this??

  9. You’re killing me playing the PC game Mike! The jab isn’t a cure so PLEASE stop playing the “don’t cancel” me game by giving it your blessing. Sure, if you’re 400 lbs…go get it, it’s your only hope. As for your healthy watchers, we don’t need something in us that could lead to vaccine acquired immune deficiency.

  10. Note to moron Gates “ the earth is heated from the core, not the surface” most of the energy hitting the earth passes through the solid and vibrates the mostly iron core atoms which generates tremendous heat, at around 6000 degrees there is no way you can seed the surface air to regulate temperature, it’s tantamount to standing under a Saturn rocket and using a fan to blow it out !

  11. Ok they don’t make the exact virus because they are using “ small pox theory” to create the vacks ,btw no one understands fungal load, most people have a diminished fungal load and the viral load rebalances without a buffer and you get sick, in the future there will be “ fungaliscists” which will understand this missing link
    This is why so many get benefits from mushrooms, you don’t need the psychaedelics to reap the rewards , even the common store mushrooms ? are wonderful, they provide massive vitamin D if put in the sun for 15 minutes
    This is too easy if you connect the dots
    Fungus = mushrooms = vitamin D
    COVID = lack of vitamin D = no fungus
    I’ll take the Nobel Prize for this!

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