Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – Must Be Used Correctly

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant that’s claimed to have interesting cardiovascular, cognitive, anti-aging, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective properties. So what does the research show?

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20 thoughts on “Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – Must Be Used Correctly
  1. What are your thoughts on ALA for mitochondrial health and energy?
    I've found it incredibly helpful for chronic fatigue. It seems to be used in the mitochondrial dysfunction groups a lot.

  2. hmm this reminds me of sinclairs logic of how ironically the body gets younger from ”stress” in different forms, exercise, fasting, and maybe even oxidative stress could be applied then?

  3. High doses of alpha lipoic acid should be accompanied by B1 thiamine administration. An experiment done with rats showed that administration of alpha lipoic acid in extremely high doses (20 mg./kg) in the presence of a thiamine deficiency proved fatal. It would probably be beneficial to include a B-complex supplement in a regimen containing alpha lipoic acid. B1 acts as a spark plug for the ALA to create mitochondria energy.

  4. The shortened lifespan Farr et al report is surprising. Let's hope it's a phenotypic artifact of SAMP8 mice.

    Another mouse study, Merry et al, appears much larger, shows Lipoic Acid is associated with increased longevity, concluding: "Ad libitum feeding a diet supplemented with lipoic acid can therefore act as mimetic of DR [dietary restriction] to extend survival." [1] They've got 7 lifespan graphs and appear to have a lot of mouse cohorts both given LA and not, so it seems like a much larger study than Farr et al. It's a complicated and kind of confusing study, but at the least, I'm not seeing in the graphs a clear indication that LA is reducing lifespan, unlike in Farr et al.

    An older study found no effect on lifespan: "LA and CQ had no impact on longevity or tumor patterns compared with control mice fed the same number of calories." [2]

    [1] Dietary lipoic acid supplementation can mimic or block the effect of dietary restriction on life span

    [2] The impact of alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and caloric restriction on life span and gene expression patterns in mice

  5. At the end of the video, it is explained that the R version of alpha lipoic acid is most effective [which is more expensive than regular ALA] and the primary source for the better version is organ meats which are difficult to eat or even consume as a supplement. A biohack is to cut RAW FROZEN beef liver into pill size and consume frozen so you don't have to taste it. Beef liver is extremely cheap but one of the healthiest foods or medicines or biohacks a person can do. Maybe also pop a digestive enzyme.
    Organic MSM sulfur supplements are very affordable and taken as a supplement can greatly increase glutathione or a sulfur detoxification pathway. Maybe once a week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach — a large dosage of MSM sulfur can greatly assist in biohacking good health.
    Beef liver may also be consumed as a supplement.
    A high percentage of people are deficient in choline and the best source is eggs [which also have a lot of sulfur- the sulfur snell of rotten eggs] and a person can dramatically improve their health by eating 3 to 4 eggs for breakfast cooked in unrefined virgin coconut oil sunnyside up and add a little grass fed butter and himalayan salt.
    Eggs and beef liver could prevent many if not most nutritional deficiencies.
    Daily electrolytes are extremely important:
    Potassium Citrate
    Magnesium Malate
    Himalayan salt [iodine supplement separately]
    And purified water
    The R version of lipoic acid is basically a way to eat organ meats like beef liver.
    Just eat beef liver or take FROZEN RAW beef liver cut up the size of a pill with a cup of water and maybe a digestive enzyme.
    Men over 50 maybe a little FROZEN RAW bull testicles cut up the size of a pill.
    Also, men over 50 with enlarged prostate maybe beta sitosterol (pumpkin seeds supplements) and cranberry extract supplements.
    All people could benefit from collagen and a supplement called Glycine – about a teaspoon of glycine mixed in water at bedtime will help — the gut brain nexus — numerous studies show enormous benefits. Also L tryptophan and GABA supplements at bedtime.

  6. Dear Dr , iI have just developed tinnitus, secondary to ototoxicity done by " ivermectine " during the hype of COVID 19 …. I think basically , ivermectin has damaged my neurons in my auditory system ( hair cells ) hearing loss of 20 DB in my left ear and tinnitus ONLY in my left ear …. It has been more than 5 months and I am losing my hope that my neurons ( hair cells ) NEVER get regenerated …… base on your explanation on nerve damaged in DM 2 pt , is there any hope that ALA restore some of my nerve damages in ear ….. tinitus is drivingme crazy and ALL ENT docs are saying DEAL WITH IT

  7. I am diabetic. I have been taking it for several months and see only a marginal improvement in the neuropathy. However my blood sugars are better. I do not take it on an empty stomach because that gives me severe heartburn

  8. Just want to chime in on why I’m currently using ALA. The amazing benefits I’m seeing and why I believe this wonder supplement will stay in my stack for the rest of my life.

    Guess you can consider me borderline insulin resistant. Always had trouble losing water weight, face always looked bloated. Had trouble losing visceral body fat around my mid section and lower back. In so many words carbs always left a nice little party gift after every carb meal/alcohol consumption occasion.

    I lived my whole life eating carbs and never knew how toxic carbs were to the human body and definitely didn’t know the portion sizes I was consuming (what ever was being fed to me) were toxic.

    So fast forward I’m educated now. I view carbs as a treat just like any other delicacy and only eat it on rare occasions as a reward versus the 3-4 times a day like I used to.

    With that psychology shift the lbs instantly fell off but I still noticed a plateau that I couldn’t seem to break.

    So I decided to ramp up my OMAD fasts to more long term fasts and again instant impact next layer of stubborn lbs came off then I reached another plateau but the next layer of visceral fat still wouldn’t go away.

    I truly believe information can only be absorbed once our energy is on the same frequency. Resonating with information just takes time.

    Somehow I stumbled into Dr Brads old videos on ALA again, Dr Bergs video on ALA a several other influencers and something stuck out to me this time.

    In so many words ALA helps the body process carbohydrates better. It improves insulin sensitivity. Improves neuropathy. Antioxidant powerhouse etc etc. But the improving insulin sensitivity stuck out the most this go around. Asked myself could it be possible that I could take ALA before a carb meal, before a cup of wine, again i barely consume these things anyway but on those so called ‘cheat days’ could it hurt to take ALA before hand? Well it’s been 1 month and that stubborn body fat is finally going away. Really can’t believe it!

    Side note: I been taking a lot of cold showers lately way more than normal and there’s a lot of research around hormesis, stressing the body, and how that also improves mitochondrial function and helps generate more brown fat.
    Any one that’s serious with weight loss I strongly recommend researching PGC-1Alpha, FOXO3, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Keto Diet, Hormesis, Sirtuins, Autophagy etc.

    My point is I know it sounds like ALA was the magic pill but thats just not true. I’m on a scientific protocol journey and I think all of these things are working more and more synergistically if that makes sense. ALA clearly just seems to accelerate some of these pathways better.

  9. My issue with it is that I'm almost convinced it brought down my blood glucose to too low a level. I'm no circus strong man, but I punch above my weight. Thing is, on this supplement, I felt so lacklustre, so often.
    And on another front, what's the data on it and accelerated hair loss? For when your widow's peak requires a comb-over, I can do without a lacklustre performance there too!

  10. Honestly, this video is as clear as mud. A general warning of ALA use for average people based on a mouse study is odd. I'll have to check-out a wider range of sources for more in-depth answers. I liked your previous, more positive ALA video better though. I've have nothing but a positive reaction from taking ALA.

  11. In the video you state that perhaps taking antioxidants in people that are otherwise healthy might upset the overall balance – however you take Sulforaphane on rest days – has your thinking on that changed?

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