Thursday, December 8, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

How to Boost Your Metabolism (The Best Advice of 2021)

Dr. Stephanie highlights the best clips from our podcasts with Dr. Casey Means, Dr. Ben Bikman, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Steven Gundry, and Dr. Will Cole. We will dive into glucose regulation, insulin, and how things go wrong. We will discuss the importance of mitochondrial dysfunction, what it means to be “skinny fat”, and the percentage of obese individuals who are actually metabolically healthy. You’ll find out how fat cells grow and learn about mTOR, protein restrictions, and Blue Zone centenarians.

Episode Overview:
7:40 Introduction
11:50 Understanding Insulin With Dr. Casey Means
17:42 Mitochondrial Dysfunction With Dr. Steven Gundry
24:19 Insulin Dysregulation With Dr. Will Cole
27:01 Being Skinny Fat & Exposure Vs. Behaviour With Dr. Robert Lustig
35:45 How Fat Cells Grow with Dr. Ben Bikman
40:26 mTOR, Protein Restriction and Blue Zones and Dr. Ben Bikman


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