Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Ubiquitin and Parkinson's Disease (2021) by Etsuko Uno

Parkinson’s disease is a destructive neurological condition of the brain. Ubiquitin tagging of mitochondria (compartments or “organelles” within cells) normally signals for this organelle’s destruction so that it can be replaced. Disruption of this process can cause early onset Parkinson’s disease.


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19 thoughts on “Ubiquitin and Parkinson's Disease (2021) by Etsuko Uno
  1. What makes your animation look real is the brownian movement of intra-cellular fluid's particles, constantly affecting the position and shape of the animated proteins. Also, one can almost see the electric polarity of aminoacids therein causing linkages every now and then. Not even the artificial colouring of protein parts detracts from the sensation that actual proteins have been filmed in the act. Fascinating animation!

  2. Excellent! Cells works following logic processes because it's controlled by biosignaly. Biochemistry has elegant metabolic pathways, complete energy production cyclos and metabolic regulation and integration.

  3. My husband has been fighting Parkinson's Disease. It took three years to be diagnosed. By then, he was having great difficulty walking, having soreness and rigidity in his muscles, and falling frequently. He had some twitching but nothing described as tremor by the number (n>3) of neurologists we saw. We also saw a rheumatologist and a physiatrist and he went through two rounds of PT. That is another story, however. PD affects sleep, movement and mood. It has changed my husband from the most patient, attentive dad into someone who is somewhat remote and has little patience. He is more often depressed. He walks with a cane and maybe should use a walker but doesn't want to, and I don't blame him. It struck him at the peak of his career. Fortunately, he doesn't have job which requires physical labor or coordination, but in spite of this he has difficulty working. His voice frequently quits on him, even with the vocal exercises he does. He has some problems with word retrieval, which seems nearly universal in Parkinson's. The discomfort from the rigidity can be distracting. Now I have a new job, keeping my husband off disability for as long as possible, as long as he wants to work full time. I attend all appts with him and count myself an active member of kunime treatment team ( I have met some amazing people. I have watched the way they have provided information and support to my husband. They have answered his questions and given him information and tools to better understand Parkinson’s. This has been a huge encouragement to me. Empowering my husband with kunime medicine and truly making a difference in the world. My husband has found that kunime medicine can reverse, reduce and even stop the symptoms of PD. I wanted to honor the fact that kunime has empowered my husband. The medicine is perfect for individuals who are currently using it, or those who have that fighting spirit. Moral of my story is don’t ever give up or don't let this disease get you down in any way. Happy Xmas 🎄❤️

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