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Addiction: Why We Can't Fast or Keep a Diet – Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD – Fasting for Survival follow up

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD details why many fasting and diet programs fail because of addiction.

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Pradip Jamnadas, MD, MBBS, FACC, FSCAI, FCCP, FACP
The founder and chairman of The Galen Foundation is a medical graduate of the University College of London, England with post-graduate training at Yale University in Cardiology. He has a successful specialty practice in Orlando, Florida since 1990 and performs interventional procedures and is a consultant cardiologist with a large diversified inpatient and outpatient practice. He has been recognized in Orlando Magazine as Top Doctor in Cardiology for multiple years over the past two decades. He is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine at The Florida State University and University of Central Florida. He is a renowned lecturer and teacher, with a passion for high tech interventions when called for, yet places greater emphasis on prevention measures.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general knowledge and is not a substitute for individual medical advice. All viewers should consult their physician before starting any medical program or treatment. Any action you take upon the information that you find within this content is strictly at your own risk. Neither Dr. Pradip Jamnadas nor Cardiovascular Interventions will be liable for any damages or losses in connection with the content on this YouTube Channel.


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48 thoughts on “Addiction: Why We Can't Fast or Keep a Diet – Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD – Fasting for Survival follow up
  1. What about when we eat a fatty piece of beef, and then follow it up by eating some grapes? There isn't fat and sugar present together in either food, but they end up in our belly together. I believe our bodies know how to handle that!

  2. Quit smoking, went to natural foods, no flour, no oils, eat two small meals a day (vegan) for over a year. I have never been so unhappy in my life. I will keep going with the bland foods and diarrhea and see what happens; but when the second year comes due, which it will soon, I'm done with this natural shit. I'd rather live a life with hunger than like this.

  3. Is he saying no coffee? I'm not addicted (do not feel bad if I have none for days), but a cuppa with 2 tbs of cream allows me to skip meals without discomfort, lowering insulin.

  4. I also dont like the oils. They seem odd to have at home, so I dont use them at all. Not for me. My partner sneaks in his bottle of rice bran oil and cooks his stir fry in it. I dont share in that.

  5. "Food as a weapon" is not just a slogan. It's a strategy that was adopted centuries ago. This doctor is extending my parents' lives! And my own!

  6. Yes, I am. I try to eat to cover my chronic pain…physically and emotionally. I also have Hashimotos thyroid disease since 4 years now. Age 62. This wasn't a talk more about how to diet and eat, instead he kept talking so much about junk food and addiction. Wish he talked more about fasting.

  7. Six months after watching his bittersweet truth video I have lost 75 pounds and my severe type 2 diabetes is in remission
    I owe my life to this man and others like him he is my hero
    one suggestion would be to package this information for Joe six pack the content can be overwhelming and lots of addicts need to tough love in simple terms blessings to this man

  8. I agree with so much of this but please explain to me how blueberries and raspberries which contain sugar aren’t addictive they just feed the addiction..?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. As a nurse I have watched countless MDs and their lectures, this Doc knocked it out of the park. He was/is dynamic and engaged did a great job. This Doc, will reach many who will learn, he engages his audience and attendees well without condemning or demeaning.

  10. My tribe in West Africa would eat melon soup cooked with palm oil and pounded yam which is a combination of fat from melon seeds, palm oil and carbohydrate (sugar) so is this bad?

  11. I develop my addiction to Intermittent Fasting minimum for 36 hours at least once a week.. and it feels great once you through it and can increase to twice a week if get used to..Hopefully more people doing fasting in 2022 🙏 for healthy and self esteem

  12. @ 34 min- now people get “HANGRY”. At 45, my peers are sick, dying, on drugs, fat, blind, disabled by auto immune diseases. Every kid in my son’s class has an Epipen for deadly allergies. When I was a kid there was ONE kid with a tree nut allergy in my whole grade. One of my friends parents had a heart attack and it was MAJOR news in the community. He was only 50!! Now the PICU is filled with cancer and metabolic collapse, severe asthma, dying children! From our poor lifestyle.

  13. This type of doctor is the one is worth to listen to, the ones that talk about how to prevent our body to get sick, those are the GOOD doctors, not the ones that only prescribe drugs.

  14. What a great lecture. So many important messages. Everyone should not just watch, but absorb and remember and put into practice. As Dr. Jamnadas said, this is serious stuff.

  15. I mean guys not lying & he’s awesome for spreading this truth. Just thing is , you cut out everything ole boys saying is bad. Well you’re surviving not living. I’ve went on all water fasts & ate only vegetables 🥗 & quality meats & nuts before. It only lasts so long before it gets real old. The other thing is, does this guy follow what he’s preaching? Cause if so he doesn’t look like he’s in the greatest space or health. I guess what I’m saying is ya gotta live a little and by a little I mean chili spaghetti 🍝 pastas rich meats fish chicken pork bread 🥖 is not evil lol is delicious 🤤. We are all worm food at the end of the day. So stop with the insanity I’m gonna have them tacos 🌮 kid. lol

  16. Is there a healthy sweetener? I like my coffee but can't drink it black. Thanks. Lost 7 lb. in 5 days week before Christmas BEFORE seeing Dr. Pradip's videos, modified fast, only one low-carb meal late afternoon, rest of time only water, so it is SO cool I happened upon his videos. I had lost 10 lb. from COVID-19 in October and did NOT want to put it back on (only good thing to come of COVID) over the holidays socializing with my family. Good thing I did this as I gained 5 of the 7 back, BUT the good thing is, I did NOT add that 5 to the pre-fast weight, so still down 2 lb. net loss. Sooo inspired now to do a real fast for the brain fog I feel (I'm 69 and starting to get worried at my difficulty word finding). Can't wait to try this and more of a keto lifestyle. Absolutely fascinated with his video before this about Vit. D3 and Omega-6 lengthening telomeres and fasting growing new stem cells in brain. WOW

  17. I blame processed food for most behavioural problems too. When i was little in the 70's amd 80's in England, we didnt have self harmers at school or kids with adhd, and not many people committed suicide. Enter fried chicken shops and kebab shops right next to schools, enter the concept of having no time to cook so have this ready meal from Tesco, oh pregnant woman, create this habbit of ready meals and takeaways, enter behavioural problems, via the fallopian tube, and via people who've forgotten how to cook. Just my theory.

  18. Finally! I've been in search of a video just like this for at least 5 years and here it is. This is life or death information and people want to blame bad health on anything but their "food". Now we need short sweet videos that can inform the sheeple because they won't be taking in this type of content. It's too long and boring for most people. Make it fun and people will watch.

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