Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Dorian's Mind & Muscle Podcast: Talking about bodybuilders sudden deaths with Russ Scala

Dorian Yates starts his first podcast inviting a well-known medical researcher and physicist, Russ Scala. Based on Dorian’s previous experience as a professional bodybuilder they bring the data of many studies that may show the causes of sudden deaths among professional bodybuilders.

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38 thoughts on “Dorian's Mind & Muscle Podcast: Talking about bodybuilders sudden deaths with Russ Scala
  1. Great Dorian , loved this , 9 months ago as you know i had an arterial bypass , and this info is very crucial now to help me understand , Yes i was a heavy steroid user , and i started taking PEDs ata very young age , but so many questions , again awesome and thanks keep going .

  2. 13:10 Vitamin C deficiency results in defective collagen synthesis in the extracellular matrix which is the reason for increased bleeding time. There is no defect in endothelium nor coagulation cascade.

  3. Sir, you are my biggest inspiration since i was a little kid. I was around 9-10 years old, when my biggest brother started to workout on a basement gym and all the walls was covered with posters, images with the 90's bodybuilders and one particular poster got my attencion and i will never forget that image in my head. The 93' six weeks out black and white front lat spread. I was just standing there and my 10 years old brain couldn't understand what the fuck is that, and how is even posible. So.. Gues what… I start to workout as well when i was around 18 years old, on a different gym but it was also a basement gym called TITANIC gym. Pretty basic machines, old irons, steel plates, huge dumbells, loud rock music etc. You can imagine the atmosphere. I learned a lot about training methodes, splits, how to train effective with out spending ours on the gym, nutriens, etc etc. I guess i learned about 80% about all these things from DY. The rest was experience. I'm glad that you do prodcast and you share a lot of information. Wish you all the best sir! Youre fan from Romania-Transilvania.

  4. A excellent 54 minute podcast especially for younger but I would like to see more podcasts based on where in the UK to get your bloods done not like a general doctor, but more like Dr Scala

  5. the shot is causing t cells to attack those heart/artery lining cells, because those cells have been now been genetically modified to produce spike proteins, which also clogs things up.

  6. Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn showed that a whole food plant based diet could reverse heart disease, many decades ago. No animal based diet has been shown to reverse heart disease or even halt the progression of heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in America. It killed more than 650,000 Americans in 2020. People who push the narrative that the jury is still out on what is the best heart healthy diet are either uninformed or deliberately misinforming others. The essential amino acid, methionine, is important for cancer cell growth and metabolism. Whole food plant based diets are low, but adequate in methionine. Animal based diets are excessively high in methionine. Cancer is the number two killer in America. It killed more than 606,000 Americans in 2020. People who push the narrative that the jury is still out on what is the best cancer risk reduction diet are either uninformed or deliberately misinforming others. Heart disease and cancer kill approximately 50% of all Americans and a whole food plant based diet reduces the risk of dying from both of them. It does not stop misinformation agents from misinforming the public.

  7. Dorian, thank you for doing what you're doing: the information you share is definitely life changing. All of us should follow your example and help to spread information on health and spirituality

  8. Dorian, cannot tell you how pleased I am you've now got your own podcast. Have loved listening to your wise and measured approach and thoughts to life the past few years and it was only every now and then we could hear from you. Looking forward to hearing from you on a regular basis.

  9. 💯i hope doctor russ bring something new to the bodybuilding community. hope things get well. mu uncle always told me not to get steroids he told me that there will come a time when ur body will grow without any dangerous harmon growths. there might be new supplements that might help muscle growth and keep the heart function well rather then clogging blood. i believe it can be in any shape or form, may be certain food might give stimulus to growth of the body rather just protien,carbs oils or creatine etc. so am keeping my self natural and am testing food on my self, like eggs protien would work far better for me then chicken. i believe food has all the secrets and need more studies in bodybuilding and thank goodness we have doctor like russ. and bodybuilders like dorian spreading the words.thank you.

  10. Seems like his findings apply to everyone and not just high performance athletes. Most people won’t be able to get this specialist monitoring to adapt their supplement intake and diet. I bet 90% of doctors in the uk don’t understand half of this. Would be good to have a DIY solution with sups etc but Russ explains that you could be doing harm without monitoring as everyone is different. So cut sugar and carbs is what i got from this. Makes sense.

  11. I highly doubt Nick Walker has a supply of apixaban, edoxaban, and rivaroxaban handy .
    I also doubt that his coach Matt Jansen has any of this knowledge .
    Unfortunately those top 5 ( or 15)guys will not change 1 macronutrient for health’s sake .
    Death is not a deterrent.

  12. DVT can be caused by flying. If you did a flight it could have caused it. A guy I worked with was 56 years old and developed DVT after 16 hours flying. He died as a consequence.

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