Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

9x National Champion and Sports Nutritionist, Debbie Milne

Thanks Debbie!

00:00 Debbie Milne Podcast

00:41 How was Thanksgiving

01:08 Debbie brings rollers; smart!

1:40 27F rides, NO MORE

2:25 EVOQ practices what we preach; we’re in the streets!

3:34 Debbie Milne Intro!

You might not enter half of the races that she has won!

Wellness Dietician and Sports Nutritionist Consultant

5:40 Wellness, Balances in health; this is so good!!
6:40 NINE Master’s Nationals Wins

7:10 It’s hard to win

7:40 Being marked; the second win is way harder than the first

9:30 Can the deep passion for cycling be a hindrance to the overall wellness of ourselves as athletes?

13:55 Nutrition; the food mentality and athletics. Calorie counting. Newbie nutrition knowledge

17:05 Why cutting too many calories is not a good thing. The body WILL fight back.

“The food environment.”

Bumping up the protein.

23:15 Focus on the feelings of food at times

24:55 Life before cycling (Brendan)

26:00 Eating disorders

30:00 “wait until you get older” is BS!

31:40 functional foods!

34:20 Why you need CARBS on the bike!

Low glycogen stores can affect muscle function

Stronger over skinnier

36:00 Most important aspect of her training

37:40 The long ride

38:00 Preseason intervals

41:10 Raising your VO2Max through BASE MILES. Train your VO2Max with a long ride

42:00 When do you go harder?

46:05 Big change I’ve made in training; less intervals!!

Burnout by Nationals

Feeling fresher, and better, for longer

48:10 coming into a good level of fitness and trying to stay there

49:25 Stacy Sim’s Roar Book
Training through different hormone phases

53:00 It’s not always a perfect run up to the race

56:45 Joeypants is back

59:48 40+: I’m coming, and I’m bringing some ganggang with me

1:03:50 When the women all get grouped together

1:13:23 Thoughts on lifting

1:16:10 why my criteria for athletes is that they simply need to want to get better

1:19:55 Parting words for the people

Love to ride the bike!!!


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