Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Skeletal Muscle + Health

Your skeletal muscles make up nearly half your body weight, and while they are widely recognized as critical for locomotion, their lesser-known functions include increasing metabolism, protecting neurological health, and more.

Dr. Lyon recently joined me for a live Q&A-style webinar hosted by CrossFit Health with a focus on why it’s important to maintain adequate muscle mass to promote long-term health, and I’m sharing that content here.

Dr. Lyon is a functional medicine physician specializing in muscle-centric medicine, which focuses on the key role skeletal muscle plays in health and longevity. By using high-quality protein diets, supplements, and resistance training, she helps a variety of patients, from those suffering with sarcopenia or prediabetes to elite military operators, reduce chronic disease risk and improve longevity.

You can join me live for next month’s webinar featuring Dr. George Slavich on January 19th at 7 PM Eastern. Keep an eye out on for registration details.

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3 thoughts on “Skeletal Muscle + Health
  1. No Mention of fat intake, still saying "calories in / calories out" as if that is somehow helpful. Barely any mention of ideal foods to consume to reach a persons required protein intake. This interview is likely confusing for someone who is just beginning to learn about protein/ nutrition.

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