Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:28 – Stearic Acid & Visceral Fat
4:41 – 40% off your first order AND a FREE gift from Thrive Market
5:27 – Stearic Acid & Mitochondrial Function


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42 thoughts on “This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)
  1. Hi @Thomas Delauer. What do you think about me adding SA to my morning swapping out ghee/MCT for SA? I don't care to consume chocolate too often but still want the benefit of SA. Thanks!

  2. Thomas, have you heard about these pills claiming to be a tropic solution to get rid of visional fat called Exipure? Uses Perilla, Kudzu, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, amur cork bark, propolis, quercetin and oleuropein. They claim you can lose like 40 lbs in 4 weeks, Can you comment on this? thanks I've been doing kept and have lost 10 lbs and need to loose 100 more, thanks

  3. off subject my keto food trip to Aldi set me back $83.42. goat cheese log, grass feed ground beef, lamb, bacon, olive, grapeseed oil, canned tuna, wild salmon, walnuts, in the baking isles, below the cocoa baking powder on the floor area. do they still have brazil nuts? the Walmart doesn't have a big selection. Have you done one on Fresh Mart or Earth Fair? like to get your take . if butter fat works on shrinking the gut i foresee a shortage of ghee. actually i think it is the 5 mile run or walk that does it.

  4. You left out a key point re chocolate= it needs to be at least 70% cacao = otherwise you get way too much sugar + should be organic because beans heavily sprayed with pesticides.

  5. All I can think about this is that land carnivores are never fat while herbivores are more commonly fat. Maybe because they naturally practice fasting (they have to wait until new prey is in sight) while herbivores usually graze all day….

  6. I learned that chocolate made with cocoa butter higher in the list is less bitter. I buy Green and Black's 70% cocoa chocolate. It's the ONLY dark chocolate I love, I can even stand their 90%! Cocoa butter is high on the ingredient list. Good to know that's a good thing. 🙂 I sometimes start my day off with a couple of small pieces, before eating breakfast. I find when I eat a serving, I also don't have my 1-2pm mid-day crash.

  7. I've been having fat bombs made of cocoa butter for years. No luck in fixing the spare tire. I guess it isn't enough to help with cortisol. I still love them though.

  8. 100 % Dark Chocolate all the way.

    It beats getting in trouble with other sweets.

    Can melt it over strawbereies.

    Or not.

    It goes well with strawberries anyways.

    No guilt attached afterwards.

  9. I have some liver issues so I've been staying away from sugar and am doing keto and intermittent fasting 🙃. Do you think chocolate is ok for me? And should it be dark chocolate 🍫 😋 as opposed to milk?

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