Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Miracle Molecule for Mitochondrial Health, Sleep, Fat Loss, & Cancer Prevention – DR John LIEURANCE

If you struggle with sleep, energy, weight loss, biotoxin Illness, digestive issues, and definitely if you have been diagnosed with cancer you will want to take notes listening to my next guest, Dr John Lieurance. Dr Lieurance is a naturopath and functional chiropractic neurologist whose journey healing himself from toxic Lyme and mold which I can definitely relate to helped him discover some revolutionary ways to heal his illness.

Our deep dive into the body’s most powerful anti-oxidant which is actually melatonin, as something that goes beyond just a sleep supplement will astound you. I have always had a huge interest in melatonin and light hygiene, circadian rhythm and of course blocking blue light so my interest led me to Dr Lieurances book the Melatonin miracle molecule – beyond sleep….. from skin health to virus protection to fat loss, to allergies, to parasites melatonin has shown in the research to be an amazing assistance to these issues and more. And even if you have struggled using it before, you will want to listen to why it’s imperative that we utilize our own melatonin production too.

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3 thoughts on “Miracle Molecule for Mitochondrial Health, Sleep, Fat Loss, & Cancer Prevention – DR John LIEURANCE
  1. I've tried melatonin so many times but eveye single time it makes me feel unwell increased pain insomnia etc. I only try 2mg. Any idea why? I have chronic illness connective tissue and

  2. Following Ray peats work, I have been afraid of melatonin. I think I need to try it. You feel comfortable with it its safety, even knowing Ray Peats opinion on it?

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