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The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

This information is brand new, and it’s one of the most important videos I’ll ever do regarding your health.

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0:00 Introduction: The most important antioxidant is melatonin
1:10 Leading causes of death
2:42 Glutathione is not the most important antioxidant
2:52 Benefits of melatonin
4:00 What you don’t know about melatonin
11:13 Causes of a deficiency of infrared light
11:48 How to get more infrared light
12:15 Check out my video on the therapeutic benefit of the sun


This video is a summary of an important paper that blew me away.

Three of the leading causes of death:
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Metabolic illnesses

With each of these causes of death, there is some type of dysfunction that destroys the mitochondria. The essence of the problem is an excess of oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Normally, the body protects against these things through its antioxidant networks. Glutathione has been considered the most important antioxidant. But, melatonin is even more powerful and effective than glutathione.

Benefits of melatonin:
• It’s a powerful antioxidant
• It’s 2x more powerful than vitamin E
• It triggers antioxidants like glutathione
• It promotes sleep
• It supports the immune system
• It has anti-cancer benefits

There are two forms of melatonin, one being subcellular melatonin, which means it’s inside the mitochondria. It’s there to help protect against oxidation and free radical damage in the mitochondria.

A lack of melatonin can:
• Affect your sleep
• Cause inflammation
• Cause you to lose your antioxidant protection in the mitochondria
• Lead to chronic degenerative diseases (especially of the brain)

The largest stimulus of subcellular melatonin is near-infrared light (NIR).
A few things that give off NIR:
• The sun
• Campfires
• Fire in a fireplace
• Candles
• Incandescent lights
• Infrared sauna
• Infrared lights and lasers

Being outside in nature and in the sun may be just as important as eating healthy. Infrared light also protects against UV radiation.

Being exposed to artificial lights (LED light and blue light) is a big cause of a deficiency of infrared light.

What you can do:
• Get outside in the sun
• Get a therapeutic near-infrared light
• Switch your lights to incandescent lights
• Have more fires or use candles



Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain why melatonin is so important for your health.


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45 thoughts on “The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione
  1. Gosh, I wonder how my grandmother lived until age 99, when she'd heard nothing about any of this ? My sister is a doctor, and she writes for the National Health Magazines; Says if you take too much Melatonin, your body NATURALLY stops making its own. Like the dr. to explain that one for me ? Too bad we can't find REAL foods to eat anymore; everything pre boxed with extra salt, white flour and sugars ? Waiting for your reply Dr. Berg. Thanks.

  2. Excellent!!!, Dr. Berg, this is the first time , I've seriously sat down and listened to your video, you give some very insightful information , there isn't many I would subscribe too , but you I would, thankyou!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  3. Hi Doc

    Should i take melatonin everyday even i do not have sleeping problem?
    Different kind of melatonin i should get? Or just one kind from counter. Pls advice


  4. Dr. Eric thank you so much for all that info. Please help me what about taken Melatonin I never been able to sleep on my own with out taking control pill + 2 gummies of 10 mg ea is that bad? only like that I'M able t/sleep like 5 to 6 hrs., please advice, I also have hypo-low sometimes depress, only my left side hurts & my left nose nasal bleeds I'M 72

  5. Joe is changing that #1 spot. Did ya see were 242 different people was caught making alot of trips to the ballot boxes in georgia, 1 guy is talking he got paid 10$ a ballot for a grand total of 45,000 but love you doc just thought u should know true the vote

  6. my friend told me not to take it because it can make me feel depressed, but other people have told me that it help so now watching your video confirms that what my friend is telling me is wrong! Thank you Doctor

  7. Thank you so much for this video. This may be my solution for sleep issues. Can you recommend a good Infrared Lamp? I would definitely be interested. Sounds like I need to replace fluorescent bulbs as well.

  8. A discussion on supplements and which could interact or overlap with each other and prescription meds. For example, I like the benefits of black seed oil, NAC, turmeric and boron, D3 etc. Should some not be taken with others?

  9. Because I live in one of the most gloomy and cloud covered area of continental U.S., I recognized many years ago how moody and low energy I feel nearly 8 months a year. I've never heard of the IR factor. Thanks so much for this information. I'm ordering the NIR therapy lamps.

  10. Much appreciated. You’ve motivated me to start making some changes. We are a society drowning in our technology. Walk through the Mall, Gym, Market etc. heads down in their devises. I’m going to pas this on to others. Happy Healthy New Year 👏🙏🏼🌟💪

  11. I have Lupus.. sunlight is a no-no.. I take D3 and melatonin. .. in the winter I have to up dose from 10mg. to 20mgs. I will look into incandescent bulbs though.. we changed from UV to lower LED, after I had to go to urgent care with a terrible rash in late Oct.'19 when the Lupus was discovered.

  12. I have always believed that warming your home with a real fire was the best way to get through the long, dark winter. Nice to have that instinctive belief confirmed. 😊

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