Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Change My Mind || Thomas Delauer & Keto




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34 thoughts on “Change My Mind || Thomas Delauer & Keto
  1. This was a lot of fun. I’ve always like greg, but after recording with him, I actually think he might be my favorite YouTuber. Very down to earth and REAL. A rarity if you ask me. Even if you’re keto and feel like you’re betraying the “keto community” by following Greg, think again, because THIS is how you really learn. Take tidbits from EVERYONE. Not everyone is right all the time. We are all wrong and we are all learning. It takes people like Greg that are willing to stop and listen. Amazed by his professionalism.

  2. Keto meals are nice once in a while but i would never go all keto again… It is one of the worst diets i've ever done, i felt sick from the fatty meals constantly and then when i stopped keto i was bloated for a good month (also pooping the first time on keto was horrible).I lost all of my weight eating mainly healthy carbs and whatever i wanted anyways i'll stick to that!

  3. A BIG benefit of keto is you can half ass it and it will still work, you can eat without counting calories and it will still work. If you go a traditional route you MUST have the lifestyle and discipline to maintain a diet to withing 100 cals a day or it just doesnt work.
    However for athletes/gym goers etc its a weight loss diet not a lifestyle diet!

  4. It really comes down to experimentation and finding what works best for you.

    Keto worked well for the short term but not sustainable, at least for me.

    Real food people! Unprocessed protein, carbs, and fat. Good diet with moderate exercise! 😶

  5. Thomas was the first YouTuber I watched when I started my weight loss journey. I did intermittent fasting for about 2 years without counting calories and lost a lot of weight. I started pushing my workouts and as he mentioned here, I started started feeling low in energy. Now I count calories along with protein not so much carbs and feel great.

  6. Great interview. I really like these conversations. Next one, should b with fledged fitness. He's a great informative influencer too, I know Greg and him would have some differences, as f.f is a high proponent of IF, i think they share a lot of the same points, being active, watch cals and eat real low cal food. Rebudles r entertaining

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a post but this just deserves it. These two are my most watched YouTubers in health and fitness. Thomas has been very instrumental in my keto journey and Greg has been instrumental in my journey back to carbs as I switch between the two. I love the collaboration and would love to see more.

  8. Keto is used by ULTRA Endurance athletes.

    Greg admits that he has never done keto long enough to become keto-adapted or fat adapted. So why would anybody pay attention to his opinions about the diet???

  9. Keto is a tool imo, its not the answer and it's not a complete waste, it has its place depending on the circumstance. I've used it in thd past with great results for what I needed at the time. I've not used it in about 3 years though as hasn't been necessary and would actually be counter productive to my goals. Atm I can't see me ever needing to use it again, but I can't be 100% sure, it's a tool in the arsenal that can and should be applied when necessary.

  10. Coach I’m with you. I’ve tried keto for a few days and feel like crap. If I go to the gym and try to work out without my carbs my workouts suck. I’m sticking to managing my calories and continuing to eat my carbs for performance.

  11. I really like targeted keto. 25g of dextrose powder in a coffee an hour before a workout provides me with enough glycogen for a powerful workout without completely throwing off my ketosis the rest of the time. It also aids in maintaining that metabolic flexability.

    I prefer keto as it helps me better regulate my ADHD. But I will go low/moderate carb from time to time when I feel like eating more carbs. In that case my limit is 100g carbs per day. Anything beyond this and I seem to gain weight quickly and nor do I notice any performance benefits. The more carbs I eat the worse my ADHD gets too. I suspect this is because of blood sugar dysregulation.

  12. Keto is outstanding after being on it a while. Less cravings even when only eating 1500 calories a day. However making that jump from carbs to keto is tough. Recently I took in a lot of carbs during the holidays and jumping back into keto I noticed a lot of carb cravings. Lost 35 lbs. Was not really overweight in the begin with at 194 lbs. Sitting at 160lbs right now. I'm able to maintain a strength level of 260 lbs on the deadlift, 105 overhead press and 215 for the squat all for reps. Feel like I can do more to be honest but the main focus is getting extremely lean before building muscle. Can't wait to experiment with carbs once I'm at the 10% bodyfat range the way Thomas does. Also the health benefits that come with keto can't be denied.

  13. A lot of people do keto for the mental health benefits and so many have gotten off medications. Also reverse diabetes and auto immune diseases. Way more benefits other than just weight loss and perfor

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