Thursday, December 8, 2022
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"How an Ancestry Test Unraveled My Life" Creepypasta Scary Story

CREEPYPASTA STORY Author► MittensatemyMitten

Creepypastas are the scary stories and campfire tales of the internet. Horror stories spread through Reddit r/nosleep, forums and blogs. Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is up to you.

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▶Kevin MacLeod

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35 thoughts on “"How an Ancestry Test Unraveled My Life" Creepypasta Scary Story
  1. Hmmm…..
    How did her 'Mother' & 'Father' come up with such a well crafted story on the spot?
    Seems odd – the older couple who ran the agency, named after their own deceased daughter, her baby hair – not exactly detailed, but possibly believable.

  2. Your mother died from eating staples, and was reincarnated as a cat, your boyfriend is a plant hybrid, trained to pretend to be human, and will kill you if he finds out that you know the truth. Finally, you are a robot, and will run out of batteries in about 15 minutes, goodbye.

  3. never ever…..ever— let [a] modern 'LADY' plan/take control of things, as a couple….it'll often end in disaster/failure, not hatin__just sayin'.

    && raising/keeping a cat or 2, really isn't difficult…or a ''…full time job…'' . Don't let the kitty get away w/ things while young = your golden!!

  4. Wow! Very interesting story! You had me laughing about the cat – one of ours swallowed a penny when it was about 4 mos. old, so I really identified!

  5. That was a surprise. My guess is the parents probably bought the child and didn't do the kidnapping. But knew about it. Didn't ask questions. Now they didn't know what to do.

  6. My wife’s family are just like this dude= The worst gift buyers ever..
    They end up giving such lame gifts. The weird thing is they all make 10X a bigger deal about the gifts then we do..
    -I convinced my wife that bad gift buyers are simply explained as they don’t know what to get you because they have no eff’n idea wtf you like or are into…
    My brother in-law is a gamer like me= easy
    Sister in law is a materialistic princess and loves shoes and I’ve gotten her old school NikeAir shoes or anything Gucci….
    Mother in law is very 70’s hippie meets Grandma and I’ve a habit of talking to them 8n November/thanksgiving bout what they are into and it makes getting g a good gift easy and fun..
    -in return were always getting. Gift cards or stupid sweaters or comfy pants.
    Money/gift cards are kinda shitty from a close relative..
    I come from a family that is the exact opposite and gets people stuff in the genre they are Into..
    Example is when I was in my early 20’s as a gamer my relatives would always get me
    Controllers,video game related stuff like Madden & WorldWarcraft socks or
    Warcraft Mouse.. Christmas reveals who cares imo..and it’s NOT about the amount spent at all.
    It’s about the tax invested imo…I love Christmas cause it’s fun to get people stuff I normally don’t buy for myself..
    **last year and 3 or the last 6 years I got polo styled shirts from Marshals from brother in-Law who I got
    A FarCry5 statue of main villain= the father year before. I FOUND IT AT goodwill brand new in the original box for $12.
    New it woulda been like $100 on eBay maybe less I dunno.. but this dudes favorite game is Farcry and I see it in his living room still….I’ve never once brought it up to anyone except jokes with wife and I’m not anything special.
    Just pointing out that gift buying exposes how much one knows about that person…..

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