Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

These DAILY HACKS Helped Heal My AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE! | Terry Wahls

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19 thoughts on “These DAILY HACKS Helped Heal My AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE! | Terry Wahls
  1. Wow, definitely want to get on board. Thank you so much.
    62 this year and trying to heal my body after years of abuse, accidents, medications.
    Amazing information 🌟🦋🌟

  2. In the right way i LOVE THIS DR! I discovered her & some of her story when at the sametime i discovered IFM & not amonth latter discovered that UCSD has an actual medical degree in becoming an p.a., n.p.a. or an full on dr. in internal funcational medican.
    For me using the nutrients from the vitamins, minerals, aminos, herbs; since 1990 God's nutrients help me not only live, but heal & recover to the best i can through 3 cancers e.u, lambda paraprotien leukemia, & m.g.u.s. bone cancer; i've still got the lupus & have recently been told i have myasthina gravis combo of mg musk & lems.
    All my medical problems came from my ex trying 6 times to try to kill me; however, God is good & helps when we listen to his direction the best we can.

  3. I didn’t understand but when she recovered she was taking drugs and at the same time doing the protocol? And she tapered off the drugs when she was recovered? In that case how can she know if the reverse of symptoms was because of drug or foods?

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  5. Chronic health conditions are normally in this country from processed foods when you change your food your health will restore but there are limitations cuz chronic inflammation can deteriorate heart valves and they cannot repair themselves you need intervention medical intervention

  6. I have progressive multiple sclerosis and I understand completely where she’s coming from when she says at least she was doing something exactly Dr. Terry walls congratulations you don’t realize that what you’re doing is good until you feel the bad symptoms go away it’s just a matter of going strong I feel the same way It’s better to be doing the right thing every day then doing the wrong thing that’s for sure and only time will tell that is also for sure faith people faith and courage is all that’s left when you have progressive multiple sclerosis so keep on believing in yourself and keep on going forward I wish everyone good luck with this horrible disease

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