Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Dmitry Kats, PhD: From Niatonin to Niacur

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In this episode, I have Dr. Dmitry Kats, MPH, PhD. He has a PhD in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Many people have asked me what I think of his Niatonin protocol for COVID. And as you’ll see in this interview that has since evolved into the Niacur protocol, which now has the dosing regimen of just niacin and curcumin, having abandoned the melatonin from the original protocol. You will find in this 3.5-hour conversation all about the justification for that protocol, how it evolved over time, where it came from, and you will get a really interesting look into the fascinating mind of Dr. Kats.

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22 thoughts on “Dmitry Kats, PhD: From Niatonin to Niacur
  1. yes exercise makes sense, except when i think about my 93 yo uncle, who leads normally sedentary lifestyle now and never did sport in his life. He has full mental faculty, lives independently, ex smoker, never exercised. His trick in life i think is a strong dislike of sweet foods in favour of more savoury foods, never drank soda, ate candy or chocolates. Likes his meat and root vegetables and fermented dairy – only nutrient dense foods

  2. Seeing red: flushing out instigators of niacin-associated skin toxicity.

    Richard L. Dunbar and Joel M. Gelfand.

    Published in Volume 120, Issue 8 on August 2, 2010
    J Clin Invest. 2010;120(8):2651–2655.

  3. I appreciate the long form content. It’s nice to be able to try to follow along although I admit that my bio chemistry is woefully out of date and working. Has some interesting components. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

  4. Based on Kats track record,. this protocol has a shelf life of about 3 weeks. Recap: of his "evolving" protocol: Niacin with Niacinimde, NAC, Melatonin, pistachios!, tart cherry, Butyrate, tumeric, curcumin , taurine. Etc. Be sure to use his affiliate links though for the "purest". 😉 supplements. Disclaimer,. I do believe in Melatonin and Niacin., But the rest is part of his weird business model that has duped many into buying hundreds worth of sups.

  5. This was a great discussion! First time listening to Dr Kats…LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy! Love his GENIUS + ADD…👏😆

    Loved watching Chris (who is on the other end of spectrum) trying to organize, sort, and track the conversation! 👏😭

    Chris: “I like to work in a step by step organized fashion” 😭

    The microbiome is KEY to health. And I learned from Dr. Gominak that Vitamin D and the B vitamins are key to gut health, sleep health and brain health!

    Love the way Dr. Kats thinks and I can so relate to his passion for health and TRUTH!!

    Please do this again! I learned A LOT and enjoyed the conversation!

    Great job Chris! 👏

  6. Dmitry? I was wondering about all the other supplements that used to be part of ur regime… it used to be Niacinamide, Nicotinic Acid, NAC, Selen, D3 …. and so forth…. now it’s just Nicotinic Acid and Curcumin?

  7. It has been confirmed numerous times he is Not a PHD. Contact UNC and verify for yourself. This man has been profiting off the ignorance of thousands, & his fraudulent actions have been reported to the NC state attorney general , FTC & FBI .

  8. The selection bias when he mentioned how people come to him hurt from treatment by Zelenko and FLCCC was very obvious. And its hard to believe those frontline doctors can so easily be dismissed w/ their success on IVM

  9. This is a must-watch video for any so-called expert, any interviewee, and I would argue any human period. 1. The "confidence" in ones depth and breadth of knowledge that Chris has and his open-ness to share it. 2. Respect, how important it is, to a healthy functioning society. How Chris helped multiple audiences through re-framing his questions over and over, helping the interviewee Mr Kats, but also his listeners. I learnt so much. This video is a privilege of youtube to host it.

  10. This was fascinating to listen to! Thank you to Dr. Kats for coming on. One can tell he has such a passion and fire for his protocol. Going to join the Telegram group now and see what this is all about! Thanks again Dr. Kats and thank you Dr. Masterjohn!

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