Monday, November 28, 2022
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Post Viral Immune Support To Improve Energy | Podcast #363

Post Viral Immune Support To Improve Energy | Podcast #363

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0:00 – Introduction
5:32 – Strategies in managing post-viral fatigue
10:07 – Post-viral general recommendations for the immune system
15:22 – Available testing and natural nutrients for the immune system

What you eat after a viral infection, when symptoms of fatigue persist, can have a marked impact on your speed of recovery. Dr. J and Evan discuss that specific foods need to be avoided or included in your diet to improve your immune system. So what are the truth and the evidence about diet and post-viral immune support?

The good news is that most people will benefit from some considerations when recovering from illness or infection. Having post-viral fatigue means that you will not have your usual energy to think, shop, prepare or eat as before. Be very practical and kind to yourself. Dr. J and Evan added that diet modification is vital in your recovery.

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8 thoughts on “Post Viral Immune Support To Improve Energy | Podcast #363
  1. Some recommend:
    Bone broth + collagen
    Electrolytes: Potassium, Magnesium, and Sodium and purified water. Glutathione obviously is important. NAC and or R version of lipoic acid. Glycine.
    Beet powder.
    Zinc plus copper
    Vitamin D plus k2mk7
    Vitamin B complex (high quality)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
    Ginger tea
    Lower histamine diet
    PQQ + CoQ10 + acetly L carnitine
    Reishi mushroom
    Eucalyptus essential oils
    Hot liquids
    Sinus washing – colloidal silver
    Nebulize food grade hydrogen peroxide
    Do not fight the symptoms – a temperature is how the body kills an infection
    A runny nose is how the body discharges an infection naturally
    Work with your body to eliminate sickness
    Red light therapy
    Zinc lozenges
    Hot herbal tea
    A high powered percussion massager applied to the sinuses will help break up congestion and is extremely relaxing
    Epsom salt baths
    Eucalyptus essential oil

  2. Thanks so much guys. My wife is seven days in with what probably is delta. We are doing a number of the things mentioned. Good to hear all your recommendations.

  3. Turmeric, because increase blood circulation, regeneration of cell membranes etc… was helpful to avoid my grandma and I being hospitalized. Everyone else in my family was hospitalized, and grandpa died fast because he also got pneumonia.
    Please keep sharing those helpful information. Blessings

  4. Make sure to do low histamine diet for a week. Then start intermittent fasting starting with ginger turmeric tea that will kick on the autophagy to repair the cells damaged. During the Al this keep the potassium up. That will help the throat. Covid effects the ace 2 cells which slows the production of the ace two enzyme which cause the kidneys to dump potassium. You guys are great.

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