Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:48 – Try Laird Superfood’s Organic ACTIVATE Daily Jumpstart for 20% Off!
3:36 – Thomas’ Diet vs Greg’s Diet
5:31 – Why Does Thomas like Keto?
8:24 – Keto for Athletic Performance
12:29 – Keto & Carbs Together – Dual-Fueled
16:19 – Keto & Water Weight/Doing Keto for Long Enough
20:01 – Binging & Cravings
22:37 – Fruits & Veggies on Keto
26:15 – Greg’s Biggest Concern About Keto
28:26 – Why Greg Can Keep a Lean Physique
29:41 – #1 Reason Why People Gain Weight on Keto


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32 thoughts on “Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg
  1. Its fun to see you do the "fitness youtube" circuit. Letting others put Keto through "vetting" and seeing you back it up is very interesting. It's also far more productive than the normal "video response" drama that can start up.

  2. I hate it when they say "calorie in calorie out" as if that is a true fact. It is not!!! If you eat 1000 calories of ice cream vs 1000 calories of chicken and broccoli, are you in the same metabolic condition?! One spikes your insulin levels causing you to eventually get diabetes and one keeps you healthy and slim.

  3. I was on keto for 7 months of 2021. Lost 32kg. Took a break in December so that I could fit in with my family. Tried to stay low GI. I didn't feel ill exactly but I did notice that all my inflammation came back. My joints started hurting and my feet started swelling up again. I'm back on keto now and I feel much better. I definitely feel keeping my carbs under 50g a day is much better for my personal health.

  4. I know a lady who in her 80s says she’s been followings Adkins plan since the 70s..
    She told me she never sees doctors feels amazing so why stop..? That is amazing to me 💜

  5. People can talk trash about keto, and it may have some issues. All i know is that my keto diet and now low carb lifestyle has simply fixed my diabetes. from 14mmol to around 5mmol in like a few months. Also dropped from 340lbs to 170lbs.

    Was the weightloss just Keto? Ofcourse not. It requires dedication, exercise and hard work. But keto definitely put me on the path to self betterment.

  6. I think it’s important for people to remember that Low Carb is not No Carb.

    The amount of daily activity and exercise you do will have a huge impact on how many carbs you can consume without disrupting ketone production.

    And whether or not you’re actually in ketosis, eating carbs from plants is far better for your body (and often more satiating) than processed grain, corn, starch, and sugar.

  7. I wish Thomas had explained more vegetables that fit Keto to Greg:

    Cauliflower, Broccoli, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchini, Spinach, Avocados are just a few of the many keto friendly vegetables

  8. Wow, I’m at the gym and he says “with great power comes great responsibility!” At the exact time, I’m seeing a John Meadows training video on TV and he’s wearing a red shirt with that exact quote 🤯

  9. Keto/ IF/ Exercise works. I am metabolic flexible now & cycle carbs every 3 days. It’s the Best of both worlds in my opinion. Thanks to my Boss Thomas! 😘 You Rock

  10. Hi there loved this chat, don't think it was a debate as both seemed to agree alot🙂 , but the product Laird, wondering if that is mixed with jow much ACV, if so can it also be done as a morning shot? Looking for a new morning habit….thoughts appreciated 😃

  11. I'm sorry. But I do NOT like Greg, and I refuse to watch any video that he is featured in (even this one).
    He seems to be totally ignorant about the benefits of keto and intermittent fasting. It was painful for me the first time I saw one of his vids. Never again.

  12. I’ve been strict keto for 6-7 months, never had a desire to have a big carb loaded sort of cheat meal if you will. Then one day I just decided to give it a go and it didn’t effect me at all. Didn’t gain a single lb nor did I feel bad physically. Oh well 😎

  13. What I've been doing last couple weeks is flipping between the two every day. I eat within a 5 hour window and start high fat high protein then dinner is low fat medium protein high carb. I work out 5 days a week heavy and rely on carbs from night before. This works wonders for me.

  14. I did keto for about a year lost a lot of weight and became under weight, and I was always chasing weird symptoms from filling cold twitch in my face , smelling Urine , my t level went in the dump , now doing more of paleo fill a lot better

  15. I started Keto in August and have lost 30 lbs since then. I like the Keto because I don't feel deprived or hungry. I've started doing the intermittent fasting since Jan 1, and I still don't feel deprived or hungry. I have some great flavored salt recipes (chocolate in my coffee, raspberry in my green tea, and citrus in my water) when I'm fasting. I also add the raspberry or the orange to my chocolate mushroom protein in hot water during my eating hours – it's a pretty nice substitute for hot raspberry cocoa!

  16. I think Thomas did a great disservice to KETO on this one. I’m of the opinion they focused too much on performance and weight loss. I personally got into KETO for health reasons. I was borderline Diabetic and thanks to Thomas and his videos I reversed that with KETO. I’ll prioritize good health over muscles and performance any day

  17. Greg, am 50 plus yrs old and I look ripped than most of athlete TODAY. I look better than most of the steroids infested body builders and power lifters at my gym. Am sure I look better than you. I run 10 miles a week and work out 2 hours a day 3 or 4x a week with an empty stomach of course. Am on 2nd yr keto. I credited most of my regimen from Thomas RIPPED guru. Oh btw, 100% veteran here.

  18. Thomas you have not answered my question yet. Did you or did you not take steroids while playing football??? Silence means consent. Shht learned that from a top realtor in Scottsdale AZ who's full of nazi concentration camp shht.

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