Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Genetic Testing for Panther Chameleon Locale Interview

There has been much debate over what panther chameleons are from what locales. What if you could have a scientific test that would tell you? That is exactly the purpose behind a new project spear-headed by Jonathan Hill and Benson Morrill, PhD. This project uses genetic data taken by a previous scientific paper on the difference between the panther chameleon locales and uses that to establish a baseline genetic code for each locale. You could then send in a piece of shed skin and have it tested against that baseline.

In this first episode of season seven of the Chameleon Academy Podcast I talk with both Jonathan and Benson about how this is going to work!

If you would like to learn more about this project you can check out the write up on Jonathan’s blog here

You can support the GoFundMe at this link


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3 thoughts on “Genetic Testing for Panther Chameleon Locale Interview
  1. Just checking in with you guys. Thanks to the Chameleon Acadamy we have had 2+ very smooth years of husbandry. We love our 2 very healthy and beautiful male panthers. We listen on the regular. You Rock!!! We will be looking into locale testing after this.

  2. I was informed that 24 hours after the release of this episode the project was fully funded! The community really rallied together and made it happen! So now they will start gathering everything they need and get working! I will provide an interview update in a couple months to catch up on how things are going.

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